Philippines Military Academy Scholarship Program

The Philippines Military Academy announces its annual PMA Entrance Examination on Aug 28, 2011 at the different examination centers nationwide.

The PMA is offering full tertiary scholarship to deserving Filipino youth who desire to serve the country through the military profession. As full goverment schoalrs, the PMA cadets enjoy a well rounded quality education and receive salary and allowances high than a senior soldier of the AFP whild studying. After graduation, the PMAers are guaranteed with jons and they are commissioned as regular officers in the AFT.


a. Natural born Filipino citizen
b. physically fit and of good moral character
c. single and never been married
d. minimum height requirement is 5'4" for male and 5'2" for female.
e. at least 17 years old
f. High school grade point average of 85%

Applicants can apply online at or submit the application at office of the Cadet Admission, PMA, Ford del Pilar, Baguio City 074-446-8002 and 0927-381-0493

DepEd Memo No 142 S 2011

What is Virtual Assistant and How to Earn Dollar Direct from US?

A Virtual Assistant or VA is someone who works through the Internet - I may add that this career is normally self employed and not home-workers. An expert VA can have 2 clients at the same time and can earn twice in his or her regular 8 working hours. That is why the virtual assistant can earn double in compared with traditional inbound and inbound call center agents.

VAs run totally fledged homebased business and have the skills (Internet skills and office application) required in performing remotely with a variety of clientele. This is not for everybody, but understanding that there are actually thousands, if not countless numbers out there who have gone ahead of us and have effective practices that could assist to give you the encouragement to be successful. VA career are good for graduates of business administration, information technology, engineering, journalism, nurse, education and even high school graduates.

A virtual assistant, or VA, is a very skilled worker which provides admin support as well as other specialized services solutions to entrepreneur or business, executives, sales experts, and others who may have more function to do as compared with time to get it done.

Virtual Personnel are working away from traditional company roles and also utilizing the internet technologies and other growing application to be able to customize their particular work conditions. Virtual assistants work as self-sufficient contractors, most out of their own residence, some from the outside of their home like mall. Virtual assistants employ leading edge technologies to communicate perform assignments over the internet.

Type of Virtual Assistant

General Administrative Assistant doing simple presentation, data summary using excel, writing communication using MS Word, cleaning and answering emails of the clients contacts. Online research and even calendar management are some of the basic administrative similar to typical office setting. Some American clients also include in their VA task that simple customer service work through chat and emails. Usually the clients provide procedural training on product or services before they give their virtual assistant additional task. This is sometime called personal assistant VA.

Online Virtual Assistant Writer - This is one of the hottest online jobs today because Filipino is good in English and grammar as well as understanding on product or services. Usually clients ask for 350 to 500 words of article either for their websites, advertising materials, additional content for their books or e-books (Gosh writer), press releases and online articles for SEO or article portfolio.

SEO - SEM Virtual Assistant - This is more technical in nature. There are 2 smaller but stand alone job position that includes in SEO task.

  1. Virtual Assistant link builder - This VA need understanding of the various link building categories. Some these are creating content and links using blog, wiki, article sites, press release sites, regular websites, directory submissions, RSS submission and more. You need also an inventory of link building resources before you can become virtual assistant link builder. Then of course you need at least 2 weeks training to become professional link builder. A link builder could earn 10,000 to 15,000 depending on the kind of Client. If you want to become link builder you need to start blogging to understand the meaning of links.
  2. Social media VA - Usually clients wanted you to managed his social media accounts like facebook, twitter, blogs, stumbleupon, Delicious, Digg and more. Some also require the VA to visit and interact with other Facebook users using the client's name which you represented. This is to keep presence and updated with the client's network. The client will require to keep adding more friends on Facebook and twitter so the clients can communicate them with either company products or services. Filipino with good command in English grammar as well as American culture are expected to be good in Social Media VA because they can communicate well with English speaking citizens. These are the reason why DepEd and CHED should include the social media in the bachelor curriculum. The graduate of Business administration, journalism and education will be a good Social Media VA because of language inclination.

Full Search Engine Specialist can do blog setup using Wordpress CMS application. You need to learn how to install and configure theme as well as plug-in (require HTML skills). You will be require to integrates social media with your client blogsite. You need to do internal link building within the site and external link building (link builder). You will update your client's social media accounts. You are require to monitor website visitors and making analysis on the traffics and customer or visitors behavior based on trends. You will use Google analytics tools which your skills in Elementary statistics will be use. This is more technical than social media and link builder. Most of the computer related graduates are suited for this career but with special training (not given in the classroom), a graduate of Education can be a good SEO VA. I have seen Licensed Engineer who work as SEO VA, Journalism graduate from Sto Tomas has been my SEO trainor and a friend who is a nursing graduate who can leave the country became link builder. Infact one of the Philippine top bloggers is RN Nurse. A BSE graduate like you can become SEO VA and left teaching career for better earning.

VA Web Designer - This VA usually a graduate of IT related course because it requires you to understand coding. However if you have experienced in blogging and have good grades in number you can be Wordpress web designer like Pat Flynn who earned million dollars after he left his Architecture career. There are many Filipino today who can develop websites through their experience are earning dollars directly from their clients.

Bookkeeping or Accounting Virtual Assistant - This task is for Accountancy graduates who can do invoicing, purchasing and bookkeeping for the client's online businesses. Remember American accounting clerk is worth $3000+ while Filipino accounting VA could earn from 15K to 35K depending on experience and titles. The American and British preferred Filipino Virtual Assistant because we are affordable, diligent and professionals.

Where to get direct clients once you learn any of the above skills?

There are websites that advertised their VA requirements and the famous for Filipino freelancer and part time earner are Virtual Assistant business of, Odesk is good for beginners and for cheap paying Americans. is good for experienced Filipino VA but it is populated by Indian freelance worker who dive at cheap labor fees for various works. The site have so many visitors looking for Filipino VA. Americans and British offered between 10k to 25k for either part time or full time. Actually you just type in Google the term Virtual Assistant Jobs you can also submit resume to foreign or American based VA sites.

How much is this Industry?

According to Raja Mitra, the Philippines still log behind in the market of IT outsourcing industry as you can read the published news found in a lead generation blog of known call Center Company. That is what also the Indian are saying online. Let the Philippines enjoy the voice outsourcing industry and the Indian with IT outsourcing business. This thing is happening because the DepED and CHED are not requiring updated curriculum (public and private schools). In fact I have interviewed IT graduates from various universities and found that they can not design websites after college. Some Business Administration graduate could not even do blogging thereby leaving the opportunity to earn dollars directly from Google. See this young millionaire and how they earned millions at their young age.

Majority of English speaking citizen wanted to hire Filipino VA but many of the graduates today do not have the skills specially graduates of Business Administration (those with skills and experienced are already working in top outsourcing companies in the Philippines.). This is because they do not have blogging, HTML, social media subjects in their college. The truth is, American do not need the diploma. They want the skills to do the task properly.

Puerto Princesa Underground River

DepEd Memo No. 138 S 2011

Dissimenation of Presidential Proclamation No. 182

For the information and guidance of all concerned, enclosed is a copy of Presidential Proclamation No. 182 dtd June 3, 2011 entitled Declaring a National and International Promotion Campaign for the Puerto Princesa Underground River as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature which is Self Explanatory.

New Music Curriculum for Public High School

Original Pilipino Music Devt Program for Secondary Schools

1. DepEd through BSE in partnership with the Kulturang Lahi Inuuna ko ang original Pilipino Music will implement the Original Pilipino Music Development Program starting this School Year 2011-2012.

2. The program aims to preserve the promote Filipino culture through composition and performance of original Pilipino music - OPM.

3. The OPM development program will offered to 4th year students in the special program in the arts. For schools with no SPA, the program nay be offered to 4th year student with some knowledge and experience in music either as singers or as music who know how to play basic piano or guitar.

4. THe curriculum that should be follow is the Song Writing Course for 4th Yr Philippines High School Student written by Ryan Cayabyab. The first and 2nd quarter will deal with Discovering Music and words: How songs are made and the 3rd and 4th quarter will cover Vocal and Performance workshop. The time allotment for this course is 2 hours per week. For students in this program this course shall take the place of the Music component of Mapeh.

(Reposted thru the effort of our friend in the industry - lead generation call center)

5. The enclosed program provides all the program details. For inquiry 02-632-75-86

DepEd Memorandum No. 139 S 2011

Efren Penaflorida Realizes Dream to Build a Learning Center

The 2009 CNN Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida scores another feat by realizing his desire to build a learning center for road children.

Called Karbil or even Kariton Building, the learning center is nearing conclusion in Cavite City. Its facilities will be useful for direct tutorial with 150 street youngsters. Operated by the Dynamic Teen Company, where Efren is the founder, it has an activity area, classes and a library detailed with laptops donated for that learning center.

Efren recognizes the enormous benefit brought about by his getting named CNN Hero of the Year in 2009.

Provincial Government Allocates P82M for DepED Pampanga

P82 million are actually earmarked from the provincial government’s school board funds to the construction of school buildings and classrooms as well as provision of some other needed facilities in several public elementary as well as secondary schools throughout Pampanga.

This was disclosed by Pampanga Governor Lilia G. Pineda during a forum with 500 principals and also heads of open public elementary and secondary schools in the Bren Z. Guiao Convention Center here as governor required them to submit their respective list of requirements for school room, chairs, teachers and comport rooms.

Of the P82M funds, P42m is allotted for the creating of classrooms though P40 million is being used for the on-going repair as well as rehabilitation of school properties.

Regarding P360,000.00 is to be allotted for the construction of comfort rooms for boys and girls in each of the public schools. This will be given priority among the various tasks lined-up along with the provision regarding potable water offer.

Even more so, the governor announced the release of 7,000 primary school desks, 5,000 units will be distributed to Grades 4,5, and 6 as well as the remaining 2k units for grade 1,2, and 3.

Provincial and Municipal Science High School are Increasing

Tayabas Quezon
New Quezon Science High School

Department of Education in Quezon will certainly supervise the newly created Quezon Science High School with its very first batch of 77 freshmen students to be kept in a newly designed 3-story school building in Isabang village in TAYABAS, Quezon .

The new batches of outstanding high school students had been that belong to the graduates who are very best in English, Math and Science in their primary schooling coming from numerous elementary schools in the province.

Quezon governor David Suarez and the provincial government will spend substantial amount of funds to make sure that the QSNS will perform very well to be run and managed by selected bright faculty members from Quezon National High School.

Mr. Katsutoshi Shimizu - Model Businessman

There are numerous ways of supporting a new worthy cause. A number of donate anonymously. Others take action with the requisite coverage. Others give his or her support through the organization as part of their corporate interpersonal responsibility.

But there are some who prefer to go at it alone through their own foundation. This is the history of Mr. Katsutoshi Shimizu, the Japanese national who wishes to give back to the Philippines after many years of success of accomplishing business here. He decided education as his advocacy.

Mr. Katsutoshi Shimizu, 72, first visited the Philippines in 1969 and established Shimizu & Co., Ltd. (Japan) three years later. His main occupation is bringing to the Philippines used assorted ships/parts and Japanese technology. “I have went to the Philippines for more than 500 times, therefore I may call the Philippines while my second home country,” quipped Shimizu.

Shimizu first exported employed ships to the Philippines within December 1968. By The year of 2010, he had already brought in 1,000 cruises to the country. Shimizu can also be credited for having introduced and installed Japanese engineering in Baguio City environmentally friendly Recycling System (ERS) -- an eco friendly machine switching solid wastes to fertilizer.

Shimizu believes that this best way to pay back Filipino society is to follow three schools in Talisay and Calatagan, Batangas. In a memorandum of contract signed Thursday, Shimizu offers committed to construct 14 classrooms initially and provide them with a computer product each, a Live view screen television, classroom gear including tables, chair and chalkboards.

“I believe that education could be the only key to the country’s success. So, I began helping NGOs and my staff members through scholarships a lot more than 10 years ago. But My spouse and I learned that DepEd needs greater than 100,000 classrooms and I decided to help because they build some and donating them to the Philippine Authorities.”

The project heirs are the Venancio Trinidad Memorial Elementary School in Talisay, Batangas, Carreton Primary School and Carlosa Elementary School in Calatagan. The believed construction cost of the college buildings is P7.Four million.
Shimizu has devoted to construct 3 to 5 university buildings within 2011 and 20 to 30 school buildings in the next 3 years. “I believe building schools is an effective means of fostering friendship as a general rule Filipinos will reap the benefits of this. That way, My partner and i help promote closer connection between our 2 countries.” Shimizu added.

He set up the RK Shimizu (Nagasaki) Foundation Corporation. On March the New Year, to achieve these aims. “The support of my personal Foundation will continue even after I retire because my son may succeed me in this undertaking,” Shimizu shared. And as you move the mention of Nagasaki conjures a photo of atomic bombs staying dropped from the sky, this time, Nagasaki comes yet again to national consciousness as the source of sporting activities equipment, school uniforms, bags and starter institution supplies. From the children of Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan in order to young learners of the Philippine public school system - a neat lesson in companionship and international understanding at such an young age.

The actual donations of Shimizu is stuck under DepEd’s Adopt-A-School program which invites the private field to donate to community schools and help boost the standard of schooling. In turn, donors acquire tax incentive since authorized by the Bureau regarding Internal Revenue.

Pertaining to Shimizu, the most beautiful word within their language is “Arigato”. “And I am aware in your language it's “Salamat Po” and I believe that through saying these words and phrases a respect has conveyed from the other person. So my desire is for both of all of us to continue saying “Arigato” and “Salamat Po .,” he said.

The New HP Model

The only Filipino became HP Model