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Policy on the Establishment of DepEd Email Service

As part of the DepEd's thrust and direction toward improving governance particularly in strengthening its internal systems and processes, innovations in its information and communication systems are implemented that are aimed to:

  • a. enhance existing communication channels in the Department making communication timley, reliable and accessible.
  • b. provide its personnel a sense of distinct online identify and affiliation with the Department and
  • c.provide tools that will allow for teamwork among its employees in the planning, performance and evaluation of tasks

In line with these  the DepED establishes the DepED Emails service as one of the official means of communication for use by its permanent employees and authorized consultants, personnel and staff.

All permanent employees are enjoined to register for their DepEd email accounts and adpot it in its day to day official communications.

The use of the Deped email service is a privilege and its subject to acceptable use  by all employees.

The technical service shall be responsible in operating and managing the DepEd Email Service and shall prepare the periodic reports.

To ensure the these policies are properly and effectively implemented, the Guidelines on the use of the DepEd Emails service shall be issued.

DepEd Order No 85 S. 212


Guidelines on the Implementation of the HNC Funded School Based Feeding Program

DepEd Order No. 87 S. 2012

The DepEd through the Health and Nutrition Center relaunched the Breakfast Feeding Program in School Year 2010-2011 to address the malnutrition problem and short term hunger among public school children. This program was renamed School Based Feeding program in order not to limit the feeding to breakfast only.

This is to allow the school administrator to decide what time to conduct the feeding that will best address the nutritional needs of the learners. for this school year the program will cater to serverly wated beneficiaries from Kindergarten to Grade 6 pupils in selected HNC Funded Schools. Thus DepEd issues the Guidelines on the Implementation of the HNC funded School based Feeding Prgraom for SY 2012-2013

See the complete here

Winners of the Protektato Ako Laban sa Droga Poster Making Contest

DepEd Memo No. 224 s. 2012

The DepEd through the health and nutrition center in coordination with the Dept of Health-National Center for Mental Health announces the following national Winners of the Protektado ako Laban sa Droga Poster Making Contest held on Oct 4-11, 2012 during the celebration of the 2012 National Mental Health Week as per DepED memo. no  152 s 2012

The monetary prizes for the winners will be shouldered by DOH-NCMH and will be in the form of checks under the name of the pupils. Certificate of Recognition will be awarded to the winners, school principal and coaches.

The winners are advised to contact Dr. Ma. Ruth Bordado/Ms Me-ann Lin, NCMH at telephone nos 534-3241 and 531-9001 or Ms Loida Ramos/ Ms Ma. Theresa Badud, Health and Nutrition Center at tel 02-635-9964 for prizes and certificates.

Teachers Salary Increase for Math and Science Major Only

The Department of Education has come out with the implementing rules on the funding of 3-step income increase for teachers of Science and/or Mathematics in public schools to boost their teaching of these primary subjects. 

The Department of Budget and Management has recently released a circular pursuant to a Joint Resolution No. 4 of the Senate and House of Representatives which declares that teachers with field of expertise in Science and/or Mathematics shall be given additional pay three steps higher than his/her assigned grade.

The National Budget Circular No. 531 series of 2011 states that the grant of a 3-step pay increase serves as an inducement for teachers to specialize in Science and/or Mathematics depending on thrust of giving emphasis to teaching these subjects around in basic education.

“Science and Mathematics are fundamental tools of industrialization which we certainly need to strengthen our global competitiveness,” said Education Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC.

The general guideline covers incumbent Teacher I, II, III in public elementary and secondary schools who specialize in mentoring Science and Mathematics. The primary approve of step increment began in January 2011 while the coming grants are usually operative for every January of the year.

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A one-time three- salary- step increment are going to be granted to a teacher who meets the standards on academic attainment, teaching load, general performance rating, teaching experiences and relevant training.

In accordance with DepEd Order 79 series of 2002, the school head shall decide qualified teachers based on the review of completed documents which are: recognized appointment, transcript of records, certificates of training carried out in Science and Math, individual teachers program implying daily subject load over the past three school years, performance evaluation for the last 36 months and updated service records.

The Order also set that for a mentor to be allowed to the step increment, he/she ought to have been teaching Science and/or Math continuously for very last three years.

Invitation for all PNU Alumni

Wanted ACCOUNT ASSOCIATE for Mapua Institute of Technology Center

MapĂșa Information Technology Center (MITC) is a subsidiary of MapĂșa Institute of Technology. Established in 2001, it is committed towards the development of intellectual capital through IT education, innovation and collaboration. The synergy of MITC creates an effective environment for the development of highly skilled IT professionals and the creation of cutting-edge IT applications and services.

MITC provides the environment for highly competitive and well-rounded individuals equipped with relevant, up-to-date, research-based technical and communication proficiencies in the fields of Information Technology, Management and Network Technology in response to the demands of business and society globally.



  • •Candidates must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in any field
  • •Preferably knowledgeable in Information Technology trends and products
  • •Fluent in spoken and written English
  • •Applicants must be willing to work in Makati City
  • •Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status
  • •1-2 years sales or marketing experience specializing in Training & Development or in any Information Technology Product is an advantage
  • •Independent, resourceful and aggressive and can work with minimal supervision
  • •Willing to work on Sundays

Interested parties are advised to send their comprehensive resumes to or

Ten Moves! Run for 10 on January 13

DepEd Memo
No. 217 S. 2012

Ten Moves! Run for 10

The Ayala Foundation Inc, AF, together with the Ninoy and Cory Foundation in partnership with various sectors and DepEd invites concerned individuals and organizations to join the Ten Moves!Run for 10 on January 13, 2013, The More You Run, the More Classrooms You Build will have 2.5 km, 5km and 10km categories. Provincial runs will be held simulataneuoly in Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Dipolog, Dumaguete, Legaspi, Pampanga, Tarlac, Zamboangan and Zamboanga - Sibgay.

Ten Moves! Run for 10 on January 13

The simulatanoues fun run activity aims to donate its proceeds for the benefits of the Ten Moves! a public fundraising campaign to help build 10,000 classrooms in public schools nationwide.

Launced in Oct 2011, the Ten Moves! is a project of the Bayanihang Pampaaralan initiative developed by the 57-75 Education Reform Movement in response to the Department apeeal to the private sector to help address the classroom backlog estimated qt 66,800.

The 10 Noves is being representd by the League of Corporate Foundations, Philippines Busines for Social Progress and the Philippines Business for Eduation which are callin for the combined support of corporation , organization and individual toward the attainment of a common goal for the benefit of thousants of Filipino pupils and students. This campaign calls for at least 2 million Filipino to donate 10 pesos a day for 10 months or a total of P3000 per individual.

Other interested and concerend corporation, organizations and individuals who wish to join this activty or proect may contanct Ms. Mario A Deriquito, Senior Director, AFI at 752-1061 or email at or visit the website

Simultaneous Conduct of the Fourth Quarter National School Based Earthquake Drill

DepEd Order No., 95 S 2012

The Department of Education in cooperation with the National disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and other partners will hold the 4th Quarter Conduct of the Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill on Dec. 3, 2012 at 9Am PST.

Pursuant to RA 10121, preparedness and mitigation are key strategies in reducing disaster risk. This activity seeks to intensify and level- up earthquake preparedness of the schools and local communities. The activity aims to generate the highest level of awareness among the public on Disaster Risk Reduction concerns and to assess the capacity level of the school and the community in the eventuality of disaster and emergencies.

All public and private schools are enjoined to particpate in the said drill and are enjoined to integrate challenging activites during the drill such as tsunami evacuation, fire after earthquack, blockage of identified evacuation routh which will be specific to the school situation.

A post activity report shall be submitted by the schools to the division offices for consolidation. The regional offices shall submit a consolidated report to the  DRRMO and Central Office on or before Dec 21, 2012.

Enclosure for guidelines

1. How to Conduct an Earthquake Drill in School and Youtube URLs
2. Earthquake Drill Evaluation Form
3. School Earthquake Drill Report Outline
4. Report Consolidation Outline for Division Offices and 
5. Division and Regional Summary of Drill Report Outline


The Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) will conduct your Ateneo Chemistry Olympiad 2013 (AChO The year 2013) on January 26, 2013 at selected classrooms of this College in Quezon City. 

The particular Olympiad aims to: 

  • Enable high school students with exemplary skills and skills in Chemistry to be able to come together in the nature of friendly competitors and sportsmanship; 
  • Wake up greater interest in as well as promote the thanks of Chemistry amid students and teachers; and 
  • Determine exemplary students and motivate them on the development of their expertise. 

The target participants to this activity are college students from National Money Region (NCR)  public and private supplementary schools wherein each and every school is represented by at the most two (2) squads, each comprised of merely three members. 

Attendance of both private and public schools shall be subject to the no-disruption-of classes policy as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 9, S. 2005 entitled Instituting Measures to Increase Involved Time-on-Task and Ensuring Conformity Therewith. 

For more information, interested folks may contact the following: 

The Ateneo Chemistry Society 
Room 302, Manuel V. Pangilinan - Center with regard to Student Leadership 
Ateneo signifiant Manila University (ADMU), Loyola Heights, Quezon City 
Telephone No.: (02) 426-6001 local 5430

Reliable Workout Routine to Maintain Good Health

You know the importance and health advantages of workout. That not only boosts the mood but also boosts your life. Physical exercise also helps to prevent heart disease and other sickness issues. The gain from regular workout and physical activity are hard to ignore, but you need a well-balance workout routine to achieve better fitness final results. 

Formulating a workout program plan will also aid you in time management. So it doesn't matter how busy you are, you need to look for opportunity to exercise at your predefined schedule. A complete workout strategy also helps beginners, especially young athletes, to improve their fitness level, increase their health and achieve better overall results.

Check out these tips on how to set up your hard work out routines:

Decide Your Goal

Setting an ambition for your workout is important for you to achieve success. Your regular workout goal can help you keep on track. You must know what you want to accomplish to succeed when taking on a difficult challenge. Keep in mind that you can’t draw a atlas of how to achieve an objective if you do not know your goal in the first place. The foundation of any effective workout routine would be to identify the goal.

Do you want to lose weight?
Do you want to build muscles?
Do you want to get toned body?

Once you decide on the goal, create your workout routine and focus on it with full  dedication. Just remember who you want to turn into and imagine how you might feel once you attain your goal. Do it each day! This will give you motivation to work towards your ultimate goal.

Setting realistic targets and workout regimen will ensure success. You should not established goals that you won’t be able to fulfill or bring a workout regimen a person won’t be able to follow often. Select short-term goals as they will deliver results faster. Make sure the exercise regime you layout is attainable. Resolve a date of when you need to accomplish your goal. Monitor your daily activity, along with analyze what you have inked to achieve your goal before you go to bed every night.

Pick Workout Routines

Doing the identical exercises over and over again not only makes your routine dull and not-exiting, but also delays make the results far from reality. Ever wondered why many people fail to lose weight even though spending long hours during a workout session? The problem may exist in their workout routine. They may be doing the same regimen daily without any good results.

When you do the same exercises daily, one's body gets used to the method and stops answering the physical activity. So it will be very important to mix up your routine. Changing your actions daily will have a good impact on you; begin enjoying your do more exercise. Make your routine more pleasurable; add new regular activities to increase your awareness and keep your physical exercise engine going.

Be sure you choose your workout regimen keeping in mind your body limitations and energy level. Don’t adhere to someone blindly. Because your friend offers lost lots of body weight by following some distinct exercise regimen doesn’t mean you will achieve the same benefits. What works for your buddy will not necessarily be right for you. Take the advice involving some expert, study on the web, and most importantly be consitent. Your routine workout must be set in a way that you can follow it daily. Try different routines and see what works most effective for you. Include aerobic, heart activity, strength training and adaptability exercises in your fitness regimen.

Take a Break

Giving one's body a break from your normal workout regimen is crucial. When you exercise, one's body begins to break down. So you need to give a while for your body to recover and rest. It isn't possible to give 100% at the health club or any other physical activity you happen to be engaged in when you are previously feeling exhausted. Consequently make sure you design your exercise routine regime to schedule your work out days as well as rest days. Beginners must avoid going to the health club daily because once the muscles are not utilized to lifting heavier weights, they fatigue more rapidly. Taking a break might help your muscles to recover along with rebuild.

Effective Exercises

When it comes to effective workout routine, it must focus on one or two major body parts per exercise only, ideally opposite body groups like chest and back. Depending on the body parts becoming exercised on a particular day, also accomplish cardio. Listen to one's body.

Eat Nutritious Food

Make sure you follow a balanced, nutritious diet to have a excellent body. Muscles need to have building blocks to repair any damage caused during a heavy workout. Any well-balanced diet will ensure that you simply stay healthy and strong. It also fuels your body regarding effective workouts. Absolutely no exercise will work if you are depriving your body regarding food or giving it with rubbish. Always remember that your diet should have sufficient carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fats and minerals.

Popular Stressor for DepEd Teachers

Teaching is considered as this noblest profession; thus, a school teacher must feel respected, respected and loved. However, there are circumstances wherein one encounters stressful scenario due to some reasons. Here are some of them:

1. Inadequate learner-teacher relationships
When learners or students tend not to respect their instructors, chances are great their teachers are feeling inadequate, or incompetent, or even having a- round- hole- in- a- square- peg- feeling situation. Pupils must have inspiration to learn the session, values and the like in direction of developing rapport with their teachers. Bridging your gaps by observing empathy, respect, identity are keys to making sure healthy and beneficial teacher-pupil relationships.

2. Tension
Time pressure could be the culprit for a teacher feeling the burnt-out blues. Work overload, brutal deadlines and demands from superiors, also, affect a teacher's mental and emotional health. Chronologically advanced educators are leaving their particular jobs through early on retirement, especially when they believe overwhelmed with all individuals mentioned concerns sans support from a excellent.

3. Conflict
While innovation and change are increasingly being implemented, chronologically advanced lecturers are having problems dealin up, thus, they have a tendency to feel overlooked, struggling or slow-moving to accept them. As well as, these are stressful as soon as dismissed by superior as nothing but an indication of deteriorating mental ability, where in fact, it's really a sign of mismanaging them.

4. Working environment
Cluttered workplace is tense. When a supervisor or maybe what pays a visit and looks for anything just to put a trainer on the hot couch, the more the educator would feel lacking, devalued or debased. Then, the negative comes to worse by simply confirming a instructor's malady as a hopeless case of mess and could redound to a lot more devastating effect into a teacher's self-esteem. Big school size, lack of amenities, noise, etc. will also be stressful for a tutor.

5. Feeling weak
When the reign of power is being noticed by an autocratic remarkable say, in bureaucratic structure of organization, odds are great that a teacher suffers a lot. He's no power to decide on textbook procurement and other issues which could influence him/her as front ship in education.
6. Feeling of incompetence
Not enough training, extra-curricular load past capability, absence of service and recognition--all are tense for a teacher. Self-esteem lessens when one is sensation inadequate, abused along with unrecognized due to those factors.

7. Bad feedback
Poor group relations where a educator is not given high regard due to malevolent rumors hurled at them by parents, peers, or even superiors! When particular life is unstable or even insecure, the more tense a teacher life could get, thus making his/her result unsatisfactory.

From the previously mentioned stressful scenarios, the classroom teacher needs conscientious colleagues as well as superiors who must do something to maintaining peace of mind and harmony from the workplace. Making a office conducive for a teacher's growth and skilled development is a must. A superb colleague or superior knows how to be of help.