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Enhancing the child's intelligence

Logical-math intelligence is characterized by:

* A logical approach to problems.

* An understanding of number and abstract patterns.

* Frequent use of reason in recognizing and solving problems

Manifestations of Logical-Math Intelligence:

* Interest in working with numbers, shapes and patterns.

* Conceptual thinking.

* Love for computers and / or puzzles.

* Systematic approach to problems.

* An inclination to perform complex mathematical computations.

* The propensity to decipher codes and patterns.

* Manipulations of abstractions.

* The ability to work with abstract symbols and formulas.

* The performance of basic sequencing tasks, like putting things in order.

*Tendency to relate symbols to concrete objects.

How do you enhance your child’s logical-math intelligence?

APPLE PECAN PIE is great for children who manifest this type of intelligence:

* Advanced courses in science and math.

* Puzzles that stimulate his thinking and logical reasoning.

* Programs on TV that feature scientific concepts, like those in Discovery Channel.

* Learning of different computer languages.

* Enjoyment of Lego bricks and similar toys.

* Participating in family discussions on math and science.

* Exhibits or trade shows in math, science or computers.

* Calculating and solving math problems mentally.

* Analyzing unfamiliar economic or financial pages of the newspaper.

* Noting developments in the stock market and financial pages.

* Participation in brainteaser programs.

* Involvement in a study group to discuss recent scientific discoveries.

* Establishment or leading of a Math or Science Club.

Musical intelligence is characterized by:

* Sensitivity to nonverbal sounds in the environment, including melody and tone.

* Awareness of rhythmic patterns, pitch and timbre.

Manifestations of Musical intelligence:

* The penchant to remember melodies.

* Tendency to simulate beat and rhythm.

* An appreciation for the cacophony of environmental sounds.

* Inclination to move the body to the beat of music.

* Playing musical instruments.

* Creation of original compositions.

* Showing sensitivity to melody and tone.

* Creation and replication of tunes.

* Thinking in sounds.

* Carrying a tune easily.

How do you enhance your child’s musical intelligence?

Children who manifest this type of intelligence would progress with a CORNUCOPIA of cacophony:

* Compose a song related to interests.

* Organize a singing group or school choir.

* Read about the lives of famous composers and musicians.

* Name tunes randomly played on the radio.

* Use background music while doing homework.

* Create musical mnemonics.

* Orchestrate music with a musical software program.

* Play at least one musical instrument.

* Improvise on other famous singers’ styles while singing to karaoke music.

* Attend musical concerts.

The author: Henry S. Tenedero is the president of the Center for Learning and Teaching Styles, an affiliate of the International Learning Styles Network, based at St. John’s University in New York. He is a graduate of the AIM Masters in Development management and of the Harvard Graduate School for Professional Educators. He is the author of the following books: Cooking Up A Creative Genius; The HI CLASS Teacher, Breakthrough Ideas in Education; and Using Passion and Laughter in Your Presentations. He can be reached at

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