Education Offered in School is Really Quality Education

The government has made a good start in building a lot of schools not only in the cities but also in the mountain barangays to cater to the needs of our children as far as education is concerned. But assuring its quality is another thing. How can we be sure that the education offered in these schools is really “quality education?” For us, the school administrators and faculty, the standard of education is a must and we have to strive hard in order to achieve pan out academically.

    To know its in-depth study and analysis of what is really Quality in Education, it is a benchmark gauged in performing the internal and external factors of the school, at the same time,   aimed at those interested in the theory, practice and policies relating to the control, management and improvement of quality in education. The administrator especially wishes to encourage performance of each Filipino Teacher : reported research results, especially where these evaluate the impact of quality assurance systems, procedures and methodologies; theoretical analyses of quality and quality initiatives in education; comparative evaluation, local and international aspects of practice and policy with a view in identifying transportable methods, systems and good practice.

Having centers for excellence is one way of addressing this concern. These centers of excellence experiment and try out relevant and innovative pre-service teacher education / training programs; organize and coordinate collaborative research on identified areas for systematic investigation in teacher education as the basis for improving teacher education/training programs; serve as teacher resource center for curricular/instructional materials development; serve as the center mode for networking specific data; provide professional assistance that have expressed the need for such assistance; encourage mutual support in the region for upgrading their programs; and facilitate and help expedite accreditation.

With these following functions performed, quality education can be guaranteed!
Republic Act 7784 Section 3 gives emphasis to the importance of quality education and states that the centers of excellence should be

  • highly educated, professionally qualified and experienced faculty dedicated to the philosophy, mission, vision and goals of the institution and education; 
  •  well-settled students; 
  •  adequate library, research and study facilities; 
  •  competent administrative and support staff; 
  •  well-planned and relevant instructional programs;
  •  adequate student development programs; 
  •  adequate student services; 
  •  relevant extension service and outreach programs; 
  •  percentage of graduates who become teachers; and 
  •  such other criteria as may be established and functionally put up by the Teacher Education Council.

Having the credit as a center of excellence, it is a must that such institution deserves such name. Centers of Excellence have this responsibility of improving and enhancing the quality of education that we have now. Therefore, it must qualify the criteria mentioned above.  The government must make sure that the centers of excellence are religiously doing their responsibilities and assigned centers must qualify to the standard as stipulated by the law. The Filipino teachers must utilize the programs and the services offered by the centers. We must take advantage of the chance of improving ourselves not mainly for us but for our Filipino students.

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You have written an exemplary article regarding the quality education

My co-teacher is a Mla teachers' scholar since 2007. She was rated S in her performance last 2006 - 2007; VS 2007-08 and S again for 2008-09. When someone from DepEd Manila asked about her S performance she replied that its only a typo error. I am aware (or mislead?)that we have to be rated VS for 3 consecutive years before the year you plan to enrol to be able to secure a study permit. In my case, when i intend to secure a study permit to be signed by my principal(last 2006) she told me that she has to see my performance first before signing. Nevertheless, i pushed with my plan to take my M.A. and finish 24 units. My problem there any possibility that my 24 units be credited? When I talked to the college registrar when i took my units; she told me that i have to secure a study permit first.Only then that they will include my 24 MA units in my TOR. COnfusion? or I will ask Division Office of Manila to make a letter addressed to the college registrar asking for my units to be included in my TOR. But how come my co-teacher easily secured a study permit even with an S performance and I am not? Is it possible that i can ask for a letter from the Div. Office? If i enrol this summer and successfully secure a permit...will they include my 24 units in my TOR even if it doesnt have a permit? or mababalewala lang? Can i protest or complain on the case of my co teacher who declared misleading information regarding her performance rating? Thank you so much and love to hear from you soon !!!

we cannot achieve quality education for as long as the government fail to provide schools with adequate highly-qualified teachers and tools needed in teaching. Teachers should be treated with more dignity by giving them more benefits and much higher salary. In this way, more brilliant high school graduates will go into teaching profession. Teachers would eventually stop selling goods in school

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"Education Offered in School is Really Quality Education"

Yeah, that's why, the population of poverty-stricken citizens are leaping to a tremendous level.

Apply this statement to the Philippines today, and your title will stand to be the Biggest Lie Headline in blog world.

what has become of our educational system today...are we not here for the pupils.. the so called hope of our nation?...then why are we so focused in improving the teachers?... it is an insult to all teacher training colleges and universities....DEpEd are stating that these schools are incompetent ...they school close down the school if that is the case... we are for the pupils... teachers are just tools to get to can any teacher improve their craft if there's no facilities which they boasted...we have no classrooms, no libraries, and of course NO BOOKS..overcrowding in a very small room...80 pupils for grade one...that's what i call quality education....who's to blame that we got low MPS?.... ask DepEd officials..they always answer its the teachers....isn't that truly amazingly blame us for their incompetence and shortcomings

quality education?? you must be kidddding me..


...i hope that the government will understand and feel the hardship of the teachers assigned in the rural areas like the mountain areas... hazard fee for nurses assigned in our municipality earned bigger fee ...who will duty only at most once a month..than us 5 times a week..every school days..

...more quality rooms, resources, support from the government, ... good income ... thats all we need..

Quality education means quality teachers,pupils,and quality time 2! But pati Saturdays(na nakalaan para sa pamilya) gagamitin for d NAT/RAT Review.S it necessary 2 have review classes during Saturdays(starting from Sat.of Nov.till March)?Happy kaming mga bata ng d n kami bnigyan ng assignment pg Fri.Wala na nga ang homewok but one day dn kami sa school for the review.Ang alam namim Saturdays are for us 2 relax,2 play, 2 b wd our family.

we appreciate that our government is doing something for the quality of our education .. but what if teacher's are not applying it.. we do understand that being a teacher is hard but what if the teachers are not doing their jobs properly?? especially that we are in the rural area wherein hindi nakikita ang gawain ng mga teachers .. even though pinupuna ng mga parents ang hindi magandang gawain ay walang nangyayari .. some examples are: pagkukwentuhan after flag ceremony habang nagpapalinis sila sa mga students nila and late ang pag start ng klase... karamihan din sa mga teachers late and lagi pang may absent and their is one teacher na yearly na nag le-leave for one to 2 months and the reason is dumating ang asawa nya "daw" galing U.S.. IS THIS ALLOWED???.. the fact na 7 lang ang teachers na assigned sa school ... and as a result pinapauwi na lang ang mga bata ... with this kind of system pano na ang mga bata ... wala nang quality ang education kaya kakaunti din ang ang mga pupils nila .. pagdating sa high school marami pa ang hirap magbasa .. if this will be investigated, we will greatly appreciate it.. the school is in Pangasinan, at Longos Proper San Fabian .. matagal na pong problema to .. we don't know kung may nag complain na pero wala pa ring changes .. ang kung may investigation mang mangyayari sana hindi na notice ang mga teachers para makita talaga ang mga activities nila .. maraming salamat po .. sana'y mapakingan ito ..

We are for the pupils teachers are just tools to get to can any teacher improve their craft if there's no facilities which they boasted

I would like to question catholic schools. When we say catholic schools this means they teach good moral values, etiquettes and religious values. This should also mean that people who should teach this regarded as the teachers should also practice this values right?
Now the questions is do catholic schools screen their educators when it comes to values and morality?

I was a former Louisian and now a mother. Most of the teachers there were my teachers back in elementary. Now i'd like to question if teachers in a SAINT LOUIS SCHOOL LABORATORY SCHOOL who teaches MORALITY and GOOD MORAL VALUES to students like our kids also exercise one for themselves?This is now a big question to us PARENTS due to the immoral attitudes and acts being exercised and displayed by teacher GERTRUDES CASTRO. As a teacher of a catholic school she should be given courses on morality, family, children and good conduct. Home wrecking is one thing that has a big impact to children which she is exercising continuously while educating our young ones. I hope principals and head teachers should take time to see this issue. We parents would like to look up to their teachers as good examples but not in that way...

i am one of the volunteer kinder teachers in the division of dagupan city,our concern is about our monthly allowance that has been given lately.we have just receive our december allowance and all of us were shocked as we knew that it is only 3,800 plus wherein in other divisions they have received it completely in check form amounting 6thousand.we hope that you could make some actions about our concerns.

Many kinder teachers are complaining of the delayed salary. Akala namin my budget ito kaya nag implement.

wala ng ganang mag turo ang kinder teacher sa amin dahil more than 6 months ng walang sweldo

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I am a new blogger reaching out to all Filipino educators around the world. You mentioned centers for excellence who monitor the quality of education in the Phil. I would like to ask where these centers are located and who are in charge of them?

Eunice Cruz

Teacher is the mother of schools that's why we learned more from them and we must thank also from our teachers who lead and guide for our education. They teach us long as they prove it to make our education fulfilled.

Greg of Inquirer Philippine Education

To DepEd Officials and to those who are concerned, pls stop the corruption among SOME school heads, their sources PTA funds.