10 Suggested Criteria for Selection of Learning Experiences

1. Can the experience bring optimum benefit to the learners? Take and second look in your exercises and ask yourself if these exercises or activities can be replicated by the learners when they go outside in the school. Would this activities serve as the mirror on what is happening in their surrounding or just a house work and duties so the same conclusion can be applied in the situation that recall the learning experiences?

public elementary pupils2. Does the experience help meet the evident needs of the learner? Many students will be self motivated if they discover that the activities are timely to their needs. The learner might have a term paper project and it is very timely that your subject matter is about word processor software. You will notice the aggressiveness of the student to learn the PowerPoint presentation because they have classroom report or oral examination from other subjects and they like to deliver it with the help of ICT. The learner might be task to create or design a classroom newsletter and it timely that you demonstrate the use of MS publisher application software.

3. Are the learners likely to be interested in the experience? As the teachers, it is your task to device an activities that will arouse the interest of the learner. Let said you are Social Studies teacher your topic is about historical account in the landing of the Allied Soldiers in the beach of Normandy. For the high school student, this event might not be relevant to them yet once presented with the motion pictures together the possible scenarios if this famous event did not happen what will be the future of the countries involve including the learners country and their fore fathers. Bringing the topics or discussion into the personal level of the learner is a great method to attain the appreciation objective.

4. Does the experience encourage the learners to inquire further? This is the best opportunity of a good subject matter, a well delivered lesson complement by lively exercises and by a dramatic generalization. Have you noticed your student leaving the classroom characterized by silent and thinking mode? Inferring on the previous situation and organizing thoughts from the lesson. Have you experienced by a situation whereby the student approach you and said “Sir I have answered all the exercises in Chapter 5”. So you will say, very good you advance already. You might have a situation in which the student said Sir teaches me to how do create a form using excel program please. Then your answer is “that would be the next topic young man”. You could experience the situation where the student approached you and show her work which not included in the assignment. That would be a great application of learning experience and an evident of transfer of learning.

Lastly, you might experience this as a teacher. Dong, ni unsa nimo pag buhat ana, tudlo I ako bi? (James how did you do that? Demonstrate it to me right away). Then I call the attention of the entire class to watch the demonstration as part of strategy of praise and motivation as well as collaborative learning’s.

I have lost time and ideas to discuss those pointer below so I hope our visitors can share their knowledge and experiences.

5. Does the experience stimulate the learners to engage in higher levels of thinking and reasoning?

6. Does the experience involve the use of different senses and sense perceptions?
7. Does the experience approximate real life situations?
8. Is the experience in accord with the life patterns of the learners?
9. How contemporary is the experience? Is it timely and relevant?
10. Do the experiences provide for the attainment of a range of instructional objectives?


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Very informative! I agree with what you said that learning experiences must be in a personal level and exercises given to students can be replicated in their real world. Thanks for the suggestion I'll keep them in mind.

experience is always a good teacher as long as other factors is controlled

gud day!
when will be the filing of license for teachers board passer in ilo-ilo?

thank you & GOD BLESS!


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I was studying some of your articles on this site and I believe this site is rattling instructive! Keep putting up.