A Filipino Short Story of Love

A Promise of Forever

It’s simply just a story of love where the Filipinos are the victims of tragedy, oppression, chaos, personal grudges and envy. It’s a story that currently gives us freedom to find someone whom we trust so much and make us blossom again with the help of Omnipotent Being.

KC Concepcion and Richard Guittierez in Cebu“Tuna sandwich?! Again?” I thought to myself as I
opened my lunchbox. Well, as usual, I’m sitting here in my table, alone without a care in the world. “Where is he?” I asked myself. Then the cafeteria door slammed open, and speaking of the devil, the devil is here. I thought he was going to come over, but he just looked my way as our eyes locked, and then he looked away. Ouch! Did that really happen?

That afternoon, I went to the library hoping I’d get a glimpse of him there in our usual “dating place,” the Fiction Area. Oh well, we both love to read. Anyway, when I got there, it seemed like my heart has been crumpled like a paper. He’s not there anymore. What happened? Did he completely forget me? Am I really nothing for him now? What did I do? Is it really over between us? Before I could formulate more questions in my mind, tears started to fall involuntarily. The damage has already been done, it’s over…

Weeks have passed and still no communication between us. He didn’t even dare to call me or even just send me a letter like he used to. He still looked my way at the cafeteria, but he never even tried to come over, not even once. I usually peep in the library, but I always find him there with another girl. It hurts to think that he replaced me with someone and what’s worse is that he brought her to a place where memories of “us” were once made. He doesn’t know it, but I’m still here living in the shadow of the past that we once shared. I couldn’t do anything but keep all the hurts to myself.

April 23 came. “Today, I thought to myself could have been our 2nd anniversary… but, it’s done and we’re over…” I couldn’t help but cry to myself as I reminisced those times when we were together. I wiped the tears off of my face and bravely made my way out of the comfort room and headed for our classroom.

Philippines Short StoryTo my surprise, he was there alone, sitting on his chair like he was in deep thought. I couldn’t make paint out of his face. I couldn’t even understand the facial expression that I was seeing. Is he in pain or is he just sleepy and tired? Did the two of them break up…with that girl I saw with him in the library? I was about to come over and comfort him when his jock friends got to him first. They surrounded and comforted him as he silently cried. I knew it! Something really is wrong. I’ve got to do something.

That same afternoon, I wanted to talk to him, even just for a small friendly talk. I couldn’t bear looking at him when I know he’s not okay. I just want to comfort him, that’s all. I was about to approach him when he walked past me and headed to the library. But this time, he’s alone. I watched him stay there for, like 5 minutes. And then he headed straight home. Or so I thought. And well, I followed him home.

I was thinking he’s turning right, but to my shock, he turned left. Where is he headed to? To the house of that girl? Out of my curiosity, I still continued to follow him. I don’t care if he’ll think of me as a stalker. Who cares anyway?

I was stunned! He’s going to the cemetery? But why? Who’s there? What’s wrong? Well, I know he’ll never talk to me, so I just continued to follow him. From afar, I could see him sitting in front of a grave. He was talking to himself, it was weird. I decided to get out of my hiding place and approached him. I just want to keep him company, at least, even just as a friend.

I was about to tap his back. But my eyes fixed on the name written on that piece of white marble. I was shocked! I was speechless! “Just Mary Jane McCool” Oh my God! Me?! That’s me?! I wanted to grab Jose’s arm but I couldn’t! I want to shout out loud and cry out to him but no sounds came out of my mouth. I’m helpless; I couldn’t do anything… but cry.

Then I heard Jose say, “Baby, we could have been 2 years now, I wish I didn’t leave you alone. If I were there with you that night, then you could have been saved from that bastard who took advantage of you! Babe, remember Chris? My girl neighbor, she was the one who helped me go through all of these. I know you would understand baby. But babe, I just want you to know that you are still the queen of my heart and will forever be. I still love you, I’ll never ever forget you, baby. Happy 2nd Anniversary! I love you baby…” he was crying as he said those words. Gosh… I wanted to hug him tightly but to no avail and tell him that I love him too…but I can’t. “Oh baby, I love you too…” I cried as I said those words over and over again wishing that he would hear me. But I know, deep within his heart, he knows how much I love him. It’s been 5 months since I died but our love for each other never ceased. Someday, I know he’ll find someone new, and I just want him to be happy…

But this I’ll promise… I’ll always be with him…forever.


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