Magna Carta for Public School Teachers

This act is very important to the teachers in the public schools. It protects the rights of the teachers, like tenure of office, academic freedom, and other benefits for their well-being. There is a section in this act that mandates the head of office to inform the teachers of this code.

Unfortunately, this is not so. Some teachers are not privy to the provisions of this code as this is not discussed with them. Whenever a question arises as to the legality of any action by the teacher, he or she has to find a copy of this code.

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There was a teacher who requested for a study leave for one year. Since she did not know that she is entitled to a study leave with pay, she applied for a study leave without pay. The principal told her that her application might not be approved as this is no longer allowed. She was advised to personally talk to the superintendent and discuss her request with her. Her papers did not have the endorsement of the principal. When she talked to the superintendent, the superintendent told her to go back to her principal and have her papers signed by the principal first before the superintendent signs it. When the papers were finally signed by the two school officials, she went to the regional office for processing. To her surprise, she was told that she is eligible for a study leave with pay as she has already served more than seven years.

She was shown a copy of the Magna Carta. Isn’t it deplorable that the information must come from a mere processing clerk than from the two school officials? Aren’t they supposed to be the source of information? Is this not a case of withholding information for some ulterior motives?

Magna Carta for public school teachers serves as the guide to “utter” protection and freedom, away from threats and terminations from the concerned authorities. If you not aware of this law, you are always threatened by the administrators or any person in authority to terminate you from work once you violated the law. For the information of everybody, the Magna Carta has significantly defined along with its history in the English realms, it is also known as Magna Carta Libertatum, an English 1215 charter which limited the power of English Monarchs, specifically King John, from absolute rule.

Magna Carta was the result of disagreements between the Pope and King John and his barons over the rights of the king: Magna Carta required the king to renounce certain rights and respect certain legal procedures, and to accept that the will of the king could be bound by law. Magna Carta is widely considered to be the first step in a long historical process leading to the rule of constitutional law. All of them are patterned after the present Magna Carta law for teachers.

In order to be protected from abuses, etc. I think every teacher must have a copy of this Magna Carta with him so that whenever he feels aggrieved, he can refer to this law to protect his rights. And that is the essence of Magna Carta for teachers both in the public and private schools in the Philippines.

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hi,, thank you for this post.. my mom is also a public school teacher..and she is planning to have a study leave for this coming school year and like what you've post, she didn't also know that she is entitled to have a pay for her study leave..this post is very helpful and I will share it to my mom.. thank you..

Good afternoon! Thank you for this info. I'd like to raise a question,is this applicable for LSB teachers?

Actually, many of us teachers have served for more than seven years but we can not take this opportunity in our region. Cguro palakasan lang jud!

Hi there! i just want to ask if the one year study leave with pay is applicable to doctoral? thanks and God Bless!

The RA 9155 is very helpful esp to us teachers! But then we were still manipulated by the principal's whims.Instead we will try to go with the flow even sometimes it hurts to our own ego. What should be done? to perform our duties as teachers or to do first what the head of office mandated as to do. it is very hard to fulfill multiple tasks, really. So sir principal, try to delegate other works to other untapped human resources. thanks and more power!

Actually, many of us teachers have served for more than seven years but we can not take this opportunity in our region. Cguro palakasan lang jud!

This post is a total great help for us, teachers. You gave me strength to pursue post graduate study. More power!

My aunts are school teachers, as far as I know, they went on study leaves on their own dime. Kasi if they waited out for their paid leave approvals, getting their MAs might not ever happen for them. Sad, but both ended up leaving the country to teach abroad.

good morning! I am public school teacher for 5 years in service. I am applying for transfer from my present station to the locality where my husband resides who is also a public shool teacher since 2006. But until now my request has not yet granted. I am aware that it is specified in the R.A 4670" The magna carta for public shool taechers" sec.11 states that married couple specially both of whom are public school teachers should be employed in the same locality. It seems that the proper authorities are ignoring my request.i feel so hopeless with my request specially that my request has been rejected 4 times already. What would be the best thing that I can do? Could I approach somebody who could help me with my concern who is in proper authorities?

good evenin?, i just want to know if there is a chance ba na mailagay ang isang guro sa school na didonate ng kanyang grandfather or or priority ba sya na matransfer sa malapit na lugar,kc yong nag-apply pa cia nun hindi man ipinasali ng school head sa kanyang papers ang kasulatan na iyon...

You need to ask favor from the Principal or if you know somebody in your division office.

good morning! I am public school teacher for 5. You should proceed to the division office for the transfer. Ask the higher authority.

Ako po ay isang guro sa pampublikong paaralan, minsan na akong naglagom sa mga katiwalian o nagtanong kung bakit kelangang gamitin ang pondo ng paaralang ng aming punong guro sa personal niyang pangangailangan. at dahil doon ay lagi na niya akong inoobserbahan sa klase, tatlong beses sa isang linggo. Nasa Magna Carta po ba ang karapatan ko namang tumanggi?

I am also a teacher who requested for transfer to another station nearer to my residence. For a year i waited for a reply to my request and receive nothing at all but mere assumption that my request has been denied.I am requesting for higher officials to be considerate in informing the teachers their answer. The request is made formally and should be answered formally too.

Isang magandang arw sa aking mga kapwa guro! pano kung isang kasamahan natin ang me karelasyong tomboy at ipinagmamalaki pa sa mga tao pati sa mga estudyante. Naapektuhan ang tingin ng tao sa dignidad ng mga guro sa pampublikong paaralan.

Sino po ang familiar sa Section 27 of this RA4670? Tanong ko po if tama ba ang interpretasyon ko sa Section 27 na ito? Na nang Teachers ay may right to freely join organizations of their choosing....Ibig sabihin pwd rin na hindi mag join ang isang guro sa isang organizations? tama ba? kasi dito sa aming Division, ang guro ay dapat magbayad ng hindi naman nya gusto magpa member sa isang organization dito kaya lang ma force ang teacher kasi nakalagay sa Clearance...pag di namna mag paclearance...hindi ibigay ng Division Office ang aming payslip...

i just to ask the higher the higher if are we force to file a pirmession to study our MA's even if we're paying by ourselves. Is it advisable to sent them a permit to study?

Good afternoon, actually po ay ipapaalam ko lang po sa marami dito sa mand. na ang aming OIC or ay mahilig magabuse ng kanyang power, gaya na lang nung nangyari sa aming co teacher na basta na lang pinaalis sa room niya na inooccupy at ibinigay sa ibang teacher, nagpagawa rin siya ng panibayong CR nung bago pa lang siyang upo sa school at maraming proj. na palpak at nagp[apasok ng kamag anak niya na hindi dumaan sa ranking sa DO. ano ba ang dapat gawin sa mga administrator na ito.

Hi...I agree about giving every teacher a copy of the Magna Carta, coz here in our division teachers are not allowed to read it, principals are given instruction to keep their copy. I don't think this is right because the Magna Carta contains laws and it's for everyone to see. Thank you.

True po iyan, nagfile ako ng
study leave hindi pinagbigyan kahit more than seven years na ako kasi wala daw budget. Kaya I spent my own money with my husband's help and my relative.

i am not a teacher but a certain teacher post my picture on the net and tag it through her contacts,accusing me of too personal issues that discredits my personally as well as my family,issues which should be discuss personally by herself with her husband,not through my expense, i have e-mail that she is telling recipients claiming that she has hepa b, is this kind of teacher allowed to teach , or this kind of attitude using a social network permissible? can i sue her to court or can i send my complain to the division office to check the psychological capacity of this teacher, posting personal issues and circulate it on the net without any basis, this cause me anxiety, the fact that i am schedule for a major operation, please send me your comments..ill appreciate it very much...

Good morning po... can you please send me a copy of Magna Carta for Public School Teachers?

hi,good day po!pwd po ba magtalaga ang isang principal ng isang OIC para sa unit I kht na ktatapos lang po ng barangay election?thank you po!

good day!thanks for posting a teacher applicant,actually item na po ako for 10yrs,then i worked abroad for almost 3 yrs..apply po ulit ako kasi ok n ang sweldo,kaya lamang sad to say iam first in the rank in our division but untill now wala pa ring item malakas yung regional director, highly recommended eh,....kelan kaya magkakaron ng tunay na pagbabago? kelan kay masusunod ang ranking at hindi ang ronking......

MY MOM IS A RETIREE, the gsis computed her retirement 3 steps backward from her present salary. we have ask the gsis, sabi nila its the rule daw. tama ba yon d ba sa magna carta one step forward pa nga, tapos ngaun 3 steps backward na

good day, where can I get a list of the documents needed for study leave?
Are there links to downloads such forms if there are any? can you post the said links if available? thank you.

what are the procedures that I have to undergo if I wanted to transfer from one school to another on the same division?What are the documents that I need to prepare for such transfer?Thanks in advance!

good mornin i agree about the transfer a married couple should stay in one station and it should given priority by our department

it stated in magna carta about the transfer

hi, i need some info in what magna carta this things belong about what our supervisor action of not releasing the chalk allowance that was in her hand last December 2010 until now is not yet properly released some teachers signed last week bringing 15 pesos in exchange of 85ph because she said that the 615 is already given to the contribution for provincial meet and she the president in our unit. in fact we did not know that our chalk allowance was already released by the division if the teachers in our district did not get info from other district and there chalk allowance was given together with there bonus. the supervisor now roam around by school and let the teachers sign in 85 pesos change of 700 hundred chalk allowance. she will not give it because of the said unit meet contribution but the money was in her hand i a month already not declaring to the teachers that we have it December. she gave one teacher the whole 700 because she calls the superintendent to keep her silent.

DEpED should not so lenient about this...Red tape as always is rampant even in public school system. The study leave will be given to chosen "few"

Magandang araw po mga masisipag na Kaguro at mga MAtatalinong Punongguro,
marami po akong tanong na sana po masagot;
1. Meron po bang batas na kung 3 consecutive na "S" ang teacher sa performance ay subject for termination na sya?
2. Bakit sampu sa kanyang mga subordinates ay "S" sa performance samantalang si Principal ay "O" sa performance. Di po ba apektado ang leadership skills nya?....
3.Nasa batas po ba na ang Punongguro ang mag-rerecomend kung sino ang gusto nya na maipromote kahit walang MA?
4. Karapatan po ba ng punongguro na harangin ang papel ng guro na tapos na ng MA na mag-aaply ng ERF?
5. Ano po ba ang dapat gawin sa punongguro na nag-aakusa sa guro na wala namang kasulatan?
kung may alam po kayong batas tungkol dito paki post na lang po.

hi, I'd like to ask if there is an exact guidelines for teachers promotion? I searched on the website but my search remained futile.. plz do help! thanks

Good DAY! ill be graduating this march and planning to get the Let on September. when could i probably submit my application?

hi! thank you for this, at least mababasa at maririnig ng mga nakatataas ang opinyon ng mga guro...tanung ko lang po, san po ba talaga kabilang ang guro...pag po benefits ng employee ang paguusapan di daw kasama ang guro, pero pag trabaho ng employee bakit biglang isinasama ang guro, wala po bang karapatan na hindi umattend ng mga school party sa gabi ang isang guro?...

is ladderized promotion not applicable to so some district? i mean teacher 1 to teacher 2 then to teacher 3 and so on. is there a memorandum that those aspiring for master teacher will take an examination or if not he /she has graduated master of education? thank

puro kau angal mag principal muna kayo!...para alam nyo ang kaibahan ng right at privilege...

after reading this article,i realized that many of us teachers are still blind and unaware of the things that we should actually know...because of innocence,it is sad to know that some of us became victims of those people we respected and we thought would help and guide us during difficult times...this article reminded of the saying that"innocence is not an excuse..." I think we are responsible for teachers we should not stop learning ...not only about the things that we are teaching to our pupils but with everything specially with all our privileges so we could stand for what we think is lawful!

Hello po, ako po ay isang teacher na, tapos ang aking asawa ay isang aplicante pa lamang for a teacher item,,magagamit ba nya ang husband and wife preveledge in section 11 of magna carta? I quote Sec. 11. Married Teachers. Whenever possible, the proper authorities shall take all steps to enable married couples, both of whom are public school teachers, to be employed in the same locality."

Hello,,,, I'm attending Masteral Class this summer 2011.One of my subjects is Educational Laws and Legislation and I was assigned to discuss to my classmates R.A. 4670 or the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers.
Thanks for this post.It helps me a lot.

hi.... ours is a big school.... could anyone shed light on HT's not having teaching loads? They are made Department Heads at the same time Curriculum Heads. is there such a Memo supporting this?
Thank you very much.

I'm a public school teacher. Nagsimula po akong magturo nung Dec. 1996 as a provisional status. I'm not a board passer, pwede kayang gamitin yung nasa Section 5 ng Magna Carta for teachers na pwedeng maging permanent kapag naka10 years of continuous teaching. Saan kaya pwedeng iapply 'to? Salamat..

n asset. Three years is long enough and so tiring to wait to seek attention and please to the principal who never have aesthetic qualities. All she knows is to fight back against the teachers who are not close to her. Congratulations to us teachers! having a school manager like this.

i just want to ask po if i can use my magna carta sa promotion for master teacher?I am fully qualified (hoping no palakasan).

just want to know if magna carta is still giving an opportunity to all the teachers w/ 5 years experience but still not passing the LET to apply for having a license w/o taking the LET?

sa mga nababasa ko sa mga search results dito sa internet, ung magna carta for private school teachers di pa nagiging batas? private school teacher kasi ang mama ko, pinapahanap nya sa akin ang magna carta for teachers. may pagkakaiba ba ang magna carta for public school teachers sa private school teachers?

I just want to ask if we are allowed to bring our kids at school. I was told by my principal not to bring my five-year old kid at school but I told her that there's no one to take care of him. She said that it is impossible since I can afford to pay for a nanny. My kid is already studying outside my school- in a daycare center. I bring him at school at 7am and a friend picks him up at 10am for school. I told my principal that my kid doesn't stay at school for the whole day but she still says that it is more appropriate to leave him at home with a nanny. We already had an experience with a nanny and I don't want to risk my son's health again.

matagal npo m seek ng request for transfer pero di ma grant, db priority ang transfer?sbi ng supervisor alang vacant item pero my napepermanent, palakasan ba tlg sa gobyerno?

Hi Sir,.I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Development major in Agricultural Education, wherein fact i took my LET last 2003 and 2006 but unfortunately i was failed. Then at present. I am planning to take up Early Childhood Education so that when i file LET application late next year, i will use early childhood as my specialization or minor during filing NOT my major in Agricutural Education anymore( baka po kasi hindi ako swerte s major ko na ito when i file 2003 & 2006),..Sana po matulungan niyo,..thanks po.

im a dad of grade 2 science class at a public school here at cabagan, isabela. i just want to know if it is against code of ethics that a teacher should give tutorials to his/her own pupils. if not, do you have schedule for the renumeration of such? thanks and more power.

hi good afternoon po, wat if wla po skul un 1 barangay, tpos ngparank xa sa katabing barangay skul, mas nauna pa xa sa ranking kexa sa may barangay skul, cno ang priority nla, ? pls pkisagot poh, tnx

The schools should have been clustered since not all barangays have schools or better yet, municipal wide sana ang pagkuha ng mga applikante

On tutoring, it's not in the Code of Ethics pero delikadesa na lang sana na hindi itutor ng titser ang sariling estudyante ng may bayad. This might have an effect on the ratings /grades of the child. or others may suspek that the titser is biased. Patutor mu na lang sa ibang titser. There's no schedule for the renumeration.

hi..i just want to know what are the guidelines in transferring to another school which I am residing..i heard from my co-teachers that an applicant should be at least 5 years in service before you can apply..I am just a newly hired public teacher for 1 year but have 2 yrs and 6months experience in private..Is it possible to submit application for transfer this school year??cause i heard also that guidelines are changeable every year...Hope somebody could answer my question..Thank you and More Power!!

Gusto ko lang po tanungin kung right po talaga ng isang teacher na magtransfer sa school na kung saan andun yung mister niya khit 4 years pa lang siya mula nung maregular? Sino po dapat makakuha item if my nagretire is it the applicant from the school na nagretire o tama ba na sa nagsiseek ng transfer dahil may asawa siya doon khit 4 yrs plang siya in service? thank you, I would like know the answer...

hello................thanks for this information...............nw,i know what are my rights as a teacher.....

i would like to ask.................ano po ang dapat kung gawin..........gusto ko pong mg-transfer sa aming bayan,pero dalawang taon pa lng po ako sa serbisyo..........pwede na po ba akong maka-transfer?ano ang dapat kung gawin?

hay naku, i hve been a teacher for almost ten yrs nw, and i have been witnessed all the kakurakutan of some administrators grabe nkkasuka!specially yng mooe, kng tlgang i-spend sna yn sa dpt tlgang pglgyn i think it wud help to improve d quality of our education system,kya lng mhrap bumangga s pader, so im appealing the proper authorities ,HOY GISING

Good afternoon.Based on R.A.4670 sec. 11.Pwede po bang magsama sa isang school ang married couples..teacher ang wife and school head ang husband..thanks and more power!

Good day! Ano po ba ang dapat gawin para mkatransfer sa aming province? Since 2005 lagi ako ngrrequest ng transfer but they always said no vacant item they always said that volunteer teachers are the priority pero bkit my mga 7 yrs na volunteer up to now hndi p rn nkka-in unlike those applicants n my mga kamag-anak na teacher. Paano nman kmi na walang kamag-anak wala n b kaming chance na mkapaglingkod din doon. Ten yrs in service na po ako d2 sa Valenzuela 10 yrs na rn po akong nagssakripisyo na hindi kapiling ang family ko kasi nasa Pangasinan sila at ako andito sa Valenzuela. Yearly po akong ngffile ng transfer pero walang ngyayari. Kinausap na ako ng supervisor and she said magtiis na lang daw ako dito. Kung gusto ko daw mkatransfer doon humingi daw ako ng item. Kanino po ba ako pwede humingi ng item? Bakit kasi sa mga probinsya may palakasan system?

hi gud evening po ask ko lang po,fresh graduate po ako,hindi pa po ako pumasa ng LET exam.gusto ko po sanang mag voluteer teacher sa public sa mga kinders and Prep.saan po ba pweding mag apply?tnx

hello teachers.. good luck po sa kukuha ng principal test sa oct 30, 2011..

can someone send me a link so i could get the actual copy of the magna carta? thanks i need like right now. gb

Magandang ! araw Po sana naman po ay mabigyan ng pagkakataon ang mga gurong matatagal na sa serbisyo! na mabigyan ng magna carta.para maipagpatuloy po ang serbisyo ng mga guro.....

!sana naman ay magkaroon ng MAGNA CARTA..ang mga guro...sana' matulungan ang mga guro na ngahihintay ng magkaroon ng magna carta...maraming mga guro na ang matagal na sa serbisyo..sanay naman ay matulongan...sana po ay magkaroon ng aksyon...
***maraming salamat po***
***GOD BLESS****

8 years na sa serbisyong guro sana mapagbigyan ng magna carta

Good day po,
ako po ay item na,tapos yung asawa ko ay isang aplicante pa lamang for teacher's item, magagamit ko ba ang husband and wife priveledges para mabigyan siya ng item,which was quoted in Article II, section11 of republic
act no. 4670

good day po,
Ako po ay item na, tapos yong asawa ko ay isang aplicante pa lamang for a teacher's item magagamit ko ba ang husband and wife preveledges para mabiyan siya ng item, which was quoted in Article II, section 11 of Republic act no. 4670.

Hello! I am a Master Teacher II with 41 years in the public schools. I am already 62 years of age. Weeks ago I had several medical examinations and was found out I had hyperthyroidism. Aside from that my Ob-gyn doctor found out that my uterus wall is thicker which she said should not be with my age. So she advised me to undergo a D&C. Can I avail the two months leave with pay which is stated under RA 9710 Section 18 on Special Leave Benefits for Women? Please answer. Thank you

Hello everyone. i am a Public elementary school teacher for 15 years,Pls Read Article V Section 5 and 6 in Professional Code of Ethics for Teacher.

SUBJECT: 1.Why I was charge and I was asked to answer matter otherwise will be compelled through court for which this matter was not yet deliberated within the proper channel.
2. I don’t have any interest and motive to malign your clients integrity re; The text message shows my honest opinions and honest intentions to inform my supervisor being his co teacher.

3. Over and above my bottom line was the concern of the children’s interest and welfare for which your clients have ignored a bit in my own perception of being his co teacher.

4. My clarification and inquiry re; SOP of deliberation Teacher grievances upon a co teacher and upon the supervisor’s motive on the effect of that text message for which it was not intended to your clients attention. For which I believe I am bound to relay for the purpose of best interest with the concerns of pupils welfare.

Sa lahat mga guro na katulad ko. Pls have your own copy of The PROFESSIONAL CODE OF ETHICS FOR TEACKERS.Basahin po ninyo dyan nakalagay ang lahat ng mga karapatan natin hwag kayong matakot kapag alam natin ang ating karatapan.Tingnan ko lang kong hindi magsitigil ang mga abusadong principal at supervisor. Reach ninyo sa internet.

Good morning, po. I just want to ask if buying MA Transcript of Records from institutions with non-existing school building is already tolerable by the DepEd. In my school, we have a co-teacher who is applying for promotion and she uses this papers she bought from an institution without existence. One of the personnel in our division facilitated it through a retired schools division superintendent. (This is according to this teacher also). I hope u will give us an answer.

Hi, ijust want to ask f u can
give me a license using magna carta without taking up the let exam beacause i am already 15 years in service teaching in private school. I hope so that you can reply my message.Thanks and God Bless.

hello po! i just like to know if the magna carta for public school teachers in section 24-study leave introoduced by sen. ramon revilla is already approve and implemented. pls. i ddo hope u can make a way to provide us a copy that sen. revilla made change like the length of service entitlement, before it was 7 years sen. revilla revisions 3 years in service.. thank u so much po and more power!

hi,thank u po for this post... there are some teachers promoted to head teacher or principal not even graduated MA, and sad those who were graduated not even promoted. akala ko po n mas tinitingnan n ang educational attainment kesa sa length of service. meron nga jan mas longer in service pero hindi nman po naaupgrade ang kaalaman nila. kaya po deteriorating ang quality of education in our country bec. of this kind of leaders being promoted... they have know enough knowledge regarding instructional leadership, or even transformational leadership. most of our school leaders of today are still autocratic. they are more focus on facilities and school site beautification...the performance of the students are left behind.

sana nman po mabigyan ng pansin ng mga kinauukulan ang mga hinaing ng mga guro lalo n po ang sobrang extra-curricular activities ng school n most of the time nafofocus ang time ng guro s iilang pupils kadalasan po hindi n makapagturo kasi madaming inaayos si guro para s activity n gusto ng principal walang magawa si guro kundi sumunod, dahil pag hindi sumunod o kumontra si guro aakusahan ng subordination o headache of the school head si guro...kaawa-awang guro.. nagiging burden n ang pagtuturo instead of devotion.

Hi good afternoon. I just want to ask if a certain head teacher promoted to principal position without passing the National Qualifying Examination for Principal since it was approved by DepEd and the CSC can be revoked. It's unfair on or part for we have been in the service for a quite sometime. They were just promoted by mere palakasan system of the superintendent and the district supervisor. Ituwid po natin ang pagkakamali ng nakaraan.

Can a teacher be complained even if the complainant is not enrolled???

According sa magna for teachers article 1 ay consider n teacher ang guidance counselor. It means po b na lahat ng rights ng teacher ay rights din ng guidance? Kc bkit sa mga pub lic school non teaching ang guidance counselor? plss.. help me poh..

According sa magna for teachers article 1 ay consider n teacher ang guidance counselor. It means po b na lahat ng rights ng teacher ay rights din ng guidance? Kc bkit sa mga pub lic school non teaching ang guidance counselor? plss.. help me poh..

...magna carta for teachers---and its content is never in the table for eyes of the teachers...unless teacher do her own initiative of looking for it...does it really contain power for teachers to say...I HAVE A RIGHT, and reject BLIND mga NAGHAHARI-HARIANG school heads?

...why are the supervisors up to the highest rank not wearing DepEd prescribed uniform? They are always in their best if showing their untouchable and above everybody image? Are those uniforms for teachers only???Isn't it a clear manifestation of discrimination...The superiors keep on telling proper attire of teachers...why they don't see themselves...

I am applying as a Public School Teacher but I'm just confused when a school staff said to me that I need to know my ranking from the Guidance Counselor. When in fact, I once worked in a private school and they didn't give me that "ranking" stuff. I'm just confused and I want to know about what "ranking" is.


i'm a parent just asking if e-impact is institutionalized nationwide? because pupils and teachers are told to leave the school if they aren't sold to the program.

Ano po ba ang silbi ng permit to study sa pag-aaral ng M.A.? Requirement ng DepEd ang meron nito pero parang wala namang kwenta kasi kapag kailangan ng teacher pumasok ng sabado at nataon na may activities sa school or class dahil sa bagyo ay considered na absent daw... katwiran ng principal ay wala naman nakalagay sa permit na exempted kapag sabado.. please help naman to clarify the matter about permit to study..

Good day to everyone. Gusto ko sanang magtanong ano ang dapat kung gawin sa mga officials na until now they kept on telling me and reminding me my past... I may be in trouble during my teen years pero nang naging teacher na ako, lahat ay nagbago sa buhay ko dahil may pamilya na ako at dahil sa chosen profession ko and mainly because I WANT CHANGE IN MY LIFE. Hope and pray God will touch their HEART na mayroong pagbabago sa buhay ng isang tao. thank you so much. God bless.

i have a question regarding the mode of transfer of teaching station...if i transfer using the magna carta 4 married teachers does it mean i need to wait for an extension or additional teacher in the school i am applying so that i can transfer?

Isa po akong public school teacher sa Region IV-A. Nais ko lang po idulog ang suliranin ko about sa pagbibigay ng marka sa estudyante. May binigyan po kasi ako ng failing grade n estudyante at may reasons po kung bakit sa tingin ko ay karapat dapat sya sa ganung marka. Subalit natuklasan ko po na binago ng class adviser ang marka na ibinigay ko, dahil daw po iyon ay pinag utos ng mga head teachers at kagustuhan na rin po ng principal namin. pinalitan po nila ng pasadong marka ang ibinigay ko without informing me as subject teacher. ang sabi po ng principal ay nakiusap daw po kasi ang guardian ng bata at pati n rin ang PTA president ng School. Ano po bang violation ang pwede ko maireklamo sa kanila dahil hindi ko po talaga matanggap ang ganung pamamaraan. Unfair po kasi sa mga batang nagsusumikap at pinagsusumikapan din ng magulang ang pagtataguyod sa kanilang pag aaral. Aware po ang guardian ng estudyanteng nabanggit na hindi pumapasok sa klase ang bata at nangbubully ng kapwa nya estudyante. Bukod dun, aware din ang mga guro sa mga ginagawa ng student sa school at mga reklamo ng mga kaklase sa kanya.


is the head or superintentendent has the right to collect the residence certificate of the teachers?

hello, i am a teacher in public school(region IV-A), there are so many questions in my mind, what is really our goal, to have quality education or quantity education? why the superintendent wants us to pass the students even they are not qualified? and if we have failed students, they said it's the fault of the teacher? if the students dropped it is also the fault of the teacher? in my opinion why not they go to school, observe the students,specially their behavior, visit their home and talk to the parents.

hi, can i avail of this study leave with pay for my Bar review? is Law course covered by this leave privilege?

hi, can i avail of this study leave with pay for my Bar review? is Law course covered by this leave privilege?

Wla po bang seminar or orientation about teacher's rights?kasi po puro responsibilities lang ang laging nakastress out sa mga orientations..tsaka sadly po sometimes may abuse of authority po sa mga nsa higher posts..esp. pag bago ang teachers sa public schools.really saddening.kung serious po tyo in letting the teachers know their rights and responsibilities sana po provide us a copy of this..di po kasi lahat may access nito kaya madalas naabuso ang mga teachers ng ibang nakaposition.. :(

Totoo ba itong increase sa ng clothing allowances ng guro?we only recive 4k here in Iloilo,while some others received 5k,.

please send me a copy of Magna Carta for Public School Teachers

Hello po. Ask ko lang po sana kung ano interpretation nyo sa sec 11 ng magna carta. Confused lang po kasi ako ngayon dahil mag-asawa po kami at nasa parehong school. Hindi pa po kasi kami permanent kaya itatanong ko po sana kung posibleng mapermanent kami sa parehong school. Same locality po kasi yung nabasa ko...thank you.

marami pong teacher na nagserve namore than 10 years pwede po ba nila magamit ang magna carta for eligibility.?ano poang dapat nilang gawin? san po sila pwede mag apply?please reply for helping us...

marami pong teacher na nagserve namore than 10 years pwede po ba nila magamit ang magna carta for eligibility.?ano poang dapat nilang gawin? san po sila pwede mag apply?please reply for helping us...

if incase po na may magreretire na master teacher 1 sa aming division.Saan po manggagaling ang bottom item na teacher 1 po sa skul po ba ng nagretire na master teacher 1 o sa skul po ng napromote na master teacher 1?

just want to ask, how many units is needed for public school teaching?

my wife is a public school teacher just wanted to ask if any ammendments was done to the magna carta also known as RA 4670.

ask ko lang po...wala po ba talagang leave ang mga teaching personnel?Im a public school teacher at kinakaltasan kmi every absent nmin. wala ba kmi karapatang umabsent?

Sabi po ninyo-- "There is a section in this act that mandates the head of office to inform the teachers of this code."

ano pong section ang sinasabi ninyo? di ko po makita.... no offense po pero di po ba as professionals (actually kahit layperson lang) obligasyong ng isang guro na alamin ang batas...

di po ba ignorance of the law excuses no one?

ibig niyong sabihin kailangan pa siyang sabihan na.... Ms. teacher... may magna carta po para sa inyo...

again i come in peace... i have nothing against teachers's rights pero... we (I am a licensed teacher as well) are not a special species of human beings na bukod sa publication requirement ay dapat turuan pa na may batas para sa kanya

good morning po..i'm a public school teacher and i just want to ask if we can have our birthday leave? because on my birthday my father was hospitalized,,so they put me absent. i asked my head head teacher if i can file my birthday leave and she answered me that it is only for the administrators.. isn't it that every gov't employee is entitled for a birthday leave? Pls help. i want to be clarified regarding this matter.thank u very much po.

Magandang umaga po. Saan po ba makakakuha ng copy ng nasabing Magna Carta at nang lahat ng Amendment na kaakibat nito.

ok lang ba na i hold ng supervisor ang clothing nmin,dhil hindi pa cleared clearance nmin?pag d daw na clear babalik daw nya pera nmin sa division office.

Good day everyone! I would like to ask how long will be the tenure of a school principal? If the said principal is facing a case against a pupil RA7610 will the principal cannot be reshuffled or assign to other school because of the case despite that the principal was 4years already on the said school?

Magandang Araw po! Pwede po bang malaman kung ano po ang pwedeng maisampang kaso sa school principal na nagtitinda sa canteen? Tapos ang teachers pinapapasok tuwing sabado para sa review class at kung absent po ang teacher sa Saturday class enerflect po sa school days na pumasok naman po at binawasan pa ang sahod ka hit na maraming leave credits pa ang teacher.

good day po! i want to inquire about the chalk allowance we just received in our division. the 1 thousand chalk allowance was deducted by 50 pesos, that is why we received only 950 pesos. as explained to us by the cashier of our division, it is a withholding tax. does allowances have a tax? i am from gingoog city division.

How long will it take for a teacher 1 to be promoted,,gaanu na naman katagal bago pwede maipromote to t3?

hi i just want to ask something regarding this magna carta .
do i also be entitled to join? since i've been teaching day care for 20 years and i decided to resigned as a day care teacher because my salary is not enough to sustain the needs of my family.
i finish my studies as beed degree holder. and took a 12 units masters degree.
i failed to pass my board exam well in fact i am qualified to be a day care teacher in our barangay because of my very high grades during my college life. and also i gained high grades in my practice teaching.
i have a documents to be presented in case that i am also qualified.

please leave a reply to this message thank you.

Gusto ko lang linavvin ang nakalagay na 'Paalala sa Guro' Filipino 1, Patnubay sa Guro:
"Alisunod sa DepEd Order No. 73, s. 2012 ang asignaturang Filipino ay ituturo sa mga mag-aaral mula sa ikalavvang markahan.
Kaya nga't ang Yunit 1 ditto ay para sa ikalaang markahan. Ang Yunit 2 ay sa ikatlong markahan at ang Yunit 3 sa ikaapat na markahan."
Sa pagkakaintindi ko rito ay hindi ituturo ang subject na Filipino sa unang markahan. TAMA PO BA? Pero kami ay may Filipino subject na sa unang markahan pa lamang at hindi ito sinabi sa amin...nabasa ko na lang ito nang bigyan kami ng TG book. noong una kasi Xerox copy lang meron kami at alang ganitong paalala sa kopya namin. kung alang subject na Filipino sa unang markahan, anong subject ang hahabaan ng oras?

teachers should have a copy of the teachers manual ready read it and understand it by heart.

lots of queries that the administration must give answers..,.please find time...

magandang hapon po! tanong ko lang po kung paano ako makakapagtake ng LET? kasi commerce po natapos ko!

i'm in a private school. the principal doesn't want to sign my clearance unless i apologize. i already resigned. included in the requirements are narrative report for unfinished lesson log, resignation letter and grading sheets.. i already have those. and apologizing is not in my options. she doesn't want to sign. what to do? pls help..thank you.

lots of questions are being raised in this site i hope that deped would really find time answering this questions.. thanks and GOd Bless!

Lots of questions are being raised in this site hope that proper authorities would find time answering those questions. Thanks

im a public pre school.teacher for 7 yrs.can i apply for magna carta ?

just want to ask if how many hours do we need to stay in the school? our required time according to our OIC is 7 - 4:30 P.M. but we are teaching for 6 hours and plus we need to have a supervised recess + flag ceremony + sanitary environment and many others. according to that OIC the said activities are not included in the service or the time? so we need to add more time? is that true? is taht fair? do we really need to stay in the school for 9 hours and 30 minutes?

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good afternoon po. may i know if the school has a right to disallow the barangay fiesta organizers to have their peryahan inside the schoo? the barangay council also plans to have the SMB night and bikini open contest inside the school. wala po kasing sariling plaza ang barangay at ang school lang po ang may maluwang na area. tama din po ba na sabihin ng isang barangay official na ang school ay pag aari ng barangay at ang nagpapasuweldo sa mga teachers ay galing daw sa tax ng barangay official? ano po ang pwede naming gawin? please enlighten us.

good afternoon po san po ba ako makakakuha ng docs. tungkol sa pag mourn ng isang teacher may leave po ba yun pag namatayan ng kapamilya? at ilang araw? may bayad po ba ang leave na yun ? tnx po needed ko talaga information kasi sa aming school malihim masyado.

good afternoon po, gusto kO LANG po malaman kung ano ang load ng isang teacher, bago po ako mag one year palang. floating ancillary ko clinic teacher at may center pa po ako ng science room. may remedial class na 40 mins. at 320 ang load ko po tama po ba ito ginagawa ng Grade leader naming sakin,? esp-1 , science-3, hekasi-1, Filipino -1, please paki linaw nga po ito thanks po.

thank u for this info. im planning to have my study leave next year to conduct my dissertation but unfortunately i heard some of my fellows that the study leave provision in the magna carta for teachers were already amended on the matter of study leave. im trying to find the new version but i cant have find question is .is there really a new guidelines or provisions for applying study leave for public school teachers? i hope u can help me have one. thank you and God bless...

Gud day po gusto ko lng malaman ano po ba Ang karapatan ko bilang guro na kapag na dinidiciplina nmin ang bata ang mgulang nmn ay nagagalit pagsabihan ka ng msama na ipatangtang sa trbho dahil sa iyong ngawa. Na Hindi nmn talga totally kasalanan ko tnx

Gud pm magtatanong lang po tungkol don sa nabasa ko sa magnacarta
4670 sec 5 pwede pa ba yon ngayon e applay? 14 yrs in service na po ako sa pag tuturo sa private school continues po yon kso de po ako eligble. pwede po kya ako don sa sec 5 ?

Mam/sir quiry lang if the teacher who is already 15 yrs in service is entitled for a sick leave with pay? She is now suffering stroke illness...pls enlightened us. SINSP Jun Cayudong, reggion 9...

hello po sa lahat, higit (10)ten years na po akong nagtuturo as provisional, ask ko lang po pano po e avail ung magna carta anu mga requirements?

Sec. 5. Tenure of Office. Stability on employment and security of tenure shall be assured the teachers as provided under existing laws.

Subject to the provisions of Section three hereof, teachers appointed on a provisional status for lack of necessary civil service eligibility shall be extended permanent appointment for the position he is holding after having rendered at least ten years of continuous, efficient and faithful service in such position

eto panu po to e avail..higit ten years na po akong nagtuturo sa public school as provisional

ano po ibig sabihin ng section 28? medyo magulo para sa akin ..sabi "it shall be unlawful for any person to commit any acts of discrimination against teachers" tapos "which are calculated to....",

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well.

how powerful is magna carta for married teachers working in different regions to be working together in same locality or even same division?

how powerful is magna carta for married teachers working in different regions to be working together in same locality or even same division?

i am a pioneer kinder teacher inpublic school under PTCA-contracting scheme under the deped frm concern is do i

have an assurrance that i can avail the magna carta law for tenure of office because until now i have not passed the LET.