Popo the Penguin - Story Writing for student

Popo once ventured out of the glass walls that confined him inside Oceanic Bay. People once wondered why a penguin was walking around in broad daylight and on the streets nonetheless! He remembered himself thinking why the air was so... so polluted. The ground was not as cold as the one before, and the temperature seemed so high he thought he was having heatstroke.

He almost laughed at the memory but turned serious when it came to the part when he was about to be hit by a car. It almost seemed like slow motion. It always mystified him why Jane, who was a stranger at that time, saved him. She never really knew him, but she certainly saved him from certain death!

Ever since then, he and Jane, the woman's name, became closer. She brought him to her house and Popo became too attached to her that he didn't let himself go back to his home, Oceanic Bay. Of course, the owner didn't find it amusing. But Jane promised him she would bring him back when he was old enough.

Jane, being originally lonely even from her childhood, became happy with Popo by her side. He always encouraged her when she was down, and she always felt it when he was down as well. They supported each other in rough times, and they did it as if they weren't bothered by the fact Jane was a human and he was a penguin. Of course, they never left the training aside.
Everyday, Jane would train Popo and teach him new tricks. Eventually, this became a hobby until they decided to use the tricks he learned for money. They were happy. Always. It all seemed like a dream. The people always viewed them like they were two best friends that were strange enough to befriend each other, but even with all of the insults, they continued on being friends. Their friendship lasted for such a long time that the people didn't question about it anymore.

Time passed and seasons changed. Popo was already an adult penguin and he was excited for the harder tricks that Jane promised she would teach him. He remembered being so excited he kept on skipping in the bathroom (that was his 'room'). But at that time, he didn't know Jane's sad eyes were an indication for something much worse than almost getting hit by a car.

That night, Jane woke up early in the night. She gave Popo to a man clad in black shirt and pants. The moment he woke up, he remembered sadly, he recognized the crisp but cold feel in the air and the coldness of the ground.

At that time, he thought he was back in Oceanic Bay. But he was wrong. It wasn't Oceanic Bay at all. It was his home; his real home. It was the place that he should've been. His home was here, in the cold region of the earth. And he knew exactly why he was here.
Ever since then, Popo never saw Jane. He didn't know how she was doing right now, but he always prayed she was in good hands. Deep in his heart, he knew that without meeting Jane, he wouldn't be able to go back. And Popo was forever grateful


2014 Battle of the ICT Wizards

DepEd Advisory No. 282, s. 2014
1. The dates of the Contest which will be held by cluster were changed as follows:

2. Paragraph 3 was corrected to read as follows: The participants will be utilizing different computer applications and programs to create innovative designs in the fields of Digital Arts, Web Design, and Programming.

 3. Paragraph 4 was also corrected to read as follows:

The Mindanao Cluster covered the regions of Southern and Western Mindanao, and ARMM for the information of all concerned, The Contest is open to all elementary pupils and high school students from both public and private schools nationwide.

The participants will be competing in the following categories:

 Elementary -
 MS Powerpoint
 Quiz Bee

 Secondary -
Adobe Photoshop
Visual Basic
 Adobe Flash
Digital Photography
Quiz Bee On-the-spot
PC assembly and troubleshooting

National Conference of School Principals 2014

DepEd Memo #79 S 2014

Tha Natioanl Association of Public Secondary Schools of the Philippines Inc. will hold the National Conference of School Principals with the theme  Responding to the Challenges of Senior High School Implementation from July 31 to Aug 2 2014 at the Bacolod Pavilion Hotel, Bacolod City.

The target participants are secondary school principals, school division and regional senior high school coordinator who will attend this conference on official business.

A registration fee of 3,000 shall bve charged to each participants to cover hotel accommodation, meals, conference kit, and other incidental expenses, chargeable to local funds, subjet to the  usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

For more information, all concerned may contact Mr. Warlito D. Rosareal, National President, National Association of Public Secondary Schools of the Phils, Region VI Division of Bacolod City. Sum Ag National High School with fax no  034-444-1186 mobile 0910-429-6428 or email add napssphil@yhoo.comcccccccccccccccc

he conference amins to take cognizance on the roles of school principals in instituting educational reforms for the realization of the goals and objectives of Philippines Basic Education at the secondary level.

Essay Writing in National Language

Mother Tongue

By: Katrina C. Escobanas

                  “Love your own language,” Everybody knows this. Whenever you’re asked if you love your language, you’d automatically say yes. But what have you noticed? Nowadays, a lot of people do not like speaking their mother tongue. But when they do, they’d mix it with English. It is a fact that English is an international language, but international or not, our language, the language we must love, is not English. We are only obligated to speak English for when we need to speak to foreigners. Foreigners do not understand our language since it isn’t theirs, so why is it that when we’re conversing, English seems to be treated more “special”. Why is that?

                  Jena is a Filipina. When she was yet to be born, her parents migrated to the US and stayed there for 12 years. One year later, her mother gave birth to her, and she spent 11 years in the US. For the 11 years she spent there, she never once spoke Filipino. Although she understands Filipino because her parents speak that when they’re at home, Jena was influenced by her peers, who spoke English all the time. Thus, when they immigrated back to the Philippines, people around Jena had a hard time adjusting to the language she spoke.
                  On her first day of school, everyone called her an Englishera, and she knew it was because of her accent. Whenever they had Filipino classes, the teacher would call her and her classmates would burst out laughing because of her pronunciation of the Filipino words. She wasn’t ignorant enough to not know that the accents between a true Filipino and “Englishera” were very different.

                  She realized she had to learn how to speak it correctly and not how Americans do it, but by how a true Filipino does it; but not just by knowing, but also loving it. Though it was hard to adapt, she strived hard and constantly listened to each and every pronunciation of words. She always listened to her parents’ intently and tried to remember how they were said. She tried not ot complain with the lifestyle she has now. Before the end of fifth grade, Jena succeeded to speak like a true Filipino. Everybody was amazed at how she improved. At that time, she felt the most fulfilled.

                  Jena’s story is only one out of billions of stories Filipino’s can give when their mother tongue is spoken. They may have their own plots and experiences, but the good thing is that, in the end, Filipinos still love their language.


Pagsasadula sa Hekasi (Tagalog) for Grade 6

Narrator: May bilang ng mga pambansang bayani ng Pilipinas ang mula sa mga Tagalog. Naglunsad ng maraming mga pag-aaklas laban sa mga Kastila ang mga Tagalog, at isa sila sa mga pinakamaagang naghimagsik. Isa sa mga panghihimagsik na ito ang isinagawa ng Tagalog na si Apolinario de la Cruz (Apolinario stands and poses), na may layuning makapananampalataya. Isang mestisong Tagalog-Intsik ang pambansang bayaning si Jose Rizal(stands and salutes) na mula sa Calamba, Laguna.

Rizal: (sings) Di na ko papayag, mawala kang muli.

Apolinario: Di na ko papayag, na muling mabawi.

Some: (stands) Ating kalayaan kaytagal natin mithi,

All: Di na papayagang mabawi muli… (kneels down)

Narrator: Noong 1898, maraming mga pinuno ng Himagsikang Pilipino ang mga Tagalog, katulad nina Apolinario Mabini, Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Jacinto, ang unang pangulo ng Pilipinas na si Emilio Aguinaldo, at iba pa.

One: Magkakapit-bisig, libu-libong tao,

All: Kaysarap palang maging Pilipino,

One: Sama-sama, iisa ang adhikain,

All: Kelan man di na paaalipin…

Narrator: Noong Pebrero dalwampu’t tatlo, 1986…

Tatay: Anak, anak! Bakit parang walang tao sa paligid?

Anak: Sabi daw ng mga kaibigan ko na pupunta daw ang pamilya nila sa EDSA. Magrerebelde daw.

Tatay: Dalian mo anak! Punta din tayo!

Anak: Sige ‘tay!

Tatay at Anak: (tumakbo sa likod)

All: (sings last chorus) Handog ng Pilipino sa mundo,
       Mapayapang paraang pagbabago.
       Katotohanan, kalayaan, katarungan
       Ay kayang makamit na walang dahas…
       Basta't magkaisa tayong lahat.
      (Mag sama-sama tayo, ikaw at ako)

       Mapayapang paraang pagbabago.
       Katotohanan, kalayaan, katarungan.
       Ay kayang makamit na walang dahas.
       Basta't magkaisa tayong lahat!

Additional Learning Resource in the Implementation of Grade 3 Enhanced Curriculum Under the K to 12 Program

Deped Memo  65 S 2014

Additional Learning Resource in the Implementation of Grade 3 Enhanced Curriculum Under the K to 12 Program

To support the implementation of Grade 3 Enhanced Curriculum under the K to 12 Peogram, the Department of Education through the Bureau of Elementary Education is providing the lists of avialble learning resources in schools as additional reference materials for planning instruction across the three subject areas, namely English Mathematics and Filipino.

The suggested lists of learing resources are contained in the following

Enclosure 1 English
Enclosure 2 Mathmatics
Enclosure 3 Filipino

The regional and schools division offices are encouraged to conduct an inventory of existing materials available in their locality to suppplement the lists of learning resources contained in this DepED Memo. Likewise the should ensure the every public elementary school be provided with these learning resources.

Learning Resource in the Implementation of Grade 3 Enhanced Curriculum Under the K to 12 Program

2014 Outcomes of Licensure Examination for Teachers in Baybay and Catarman

January 2014 Outcomes of Licensure Examination for Teachers in Baybay and Catarman (Partial Release) - June 11, 2014

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) proclaims that 60 elementary teachers and 35 secondary teachers surpassed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (L.E.T) provided by the Board for Professional Teachers on January 26, 2014 in 2 testing facilities (Baybay and Catarman), per Board Resolution No. 35 Series of 2014.

The Board for Professional Teachers is composed of Dr. Rosita L. Navarro, Chairman; Dr. Paz I. Lucido, Dr. Paraluman R. Giron and Dr. Nora M. Uy, Members.

You Deserves Some Entertainment

The Voice Kids Blind Audition


The Department of Science and Technology (DOST), through the Science Education Institute (SEI) will conduct the 2014 Tagisang Robotics: Design, Build, and Play Competition. The schedule of activities is as follows

Technical Training and Workshop   
May 26-30, 2014   
 NISMED Auditorium Quirino Avenue corner Velasquez Street, University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman, Quezon City

Game Kick-off Ceremony   
July 20, 2014

Final Competition    
October 27-29, 2014   
SMX Convention Hall  Mall of Asia Complex  Pasay City

The Competition aims to:

1. promote robotics in the Philippines; and
2. encourage the youth to become future scientists, inventors and engineers.

The students and teachers from both public and private secondary schools are invited to participate in the Competition.

Participation of both public and private schools shall be subject to the no-disruption-of-classes policy as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 9, s. 2005 entitled Instituting Measures to Increase Engaged Time-on-Task and Ensuring Compliance Therewith.

More information may be inquired from:

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST)
Science Education Institute (SEI)
2/F, DOST Main Building, General Santos Avenue
Bicutan, Taguig City
Cable Address: Science Manila
Telephone Nos.: (02) 837-2071 to 82
Fax No.: (02) 837-2937
Website Address: http://www.dost.gov.ph

Updated Results of the 2014 Principal's Test

DepEd Memo  No 53

The Department of Education through the NEAP announces the Results of the 2013 Principals Test which was simultaneously administered in Regional Offices, 1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b, 5,6,7,9, 10,11,12, Caraga, CAR and NCR on Jan 12, 2014 and March 16, 2014 for RO7.

This department extends its congratulations to all the passers of the said examination.

The cut off score of the 2013 principals Test is placed at percentile 90. Of the total 13,618 test takers, 1,301 examiners met the cut off score.

The individual certificates of rating will be releases through the respective regional offices in due time.

Request for rechecking of examination papers shall not be entertained by the Dept. Similarly, applications for additional points attributable to the Veterans Value Point Privilege for daughters and sons of duly recognized war veterans shall not apply.

NQESH Results January 2014

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For more information, all concerned may contact the NEAP at 02-635-47-96 or 074-442-6887 or 074-444-95-24




The National Instruments (NI) Philippines, in partnership with the University of the Philippines-National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (UP-NISMED) will undertake its Seminar on Fun Science and Technology: Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators on May 14, 2014 at the UP-NISMED, Diliman, Quezon City.

The Seminar aims to share with the audience how NI’s world-class educational hardware and software tools can help Filipino educators in mentoring science and technology classes from Grades 9 to 12.

The ideal audience are science curriculum writers, regional science high school principals, science coordinators or science supervisors and schools division superintendents from both public and private secondary schools.

The cut-off date for registration is on May 7, 2014.

More specifics may be inquired from:

Ms. Ricca Presa

Marketing Communications Specialist
National Instruments (NI) Philippines
Unit 203-205, Common Goal Tower, Finance corner Industry Street
Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Telephone No.: (02) 659-1722
Telefax No.: (02) 659-1733
Email Addresses: asean.events@ni.com; asean@ni.com
Website Address: www.ni.com/asean