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Juned Sunido posted in his blog about the growth of blogs within two years.He is basically amazed on blog’s trends. He is definitely correct in his observation about the dramatic growth of blogs in the Philippines and in the world in general. Yes it is now global trends.

I myself being teacher, ICT trainor, web and some graphics designer and online marketer noticed this important change on blogging trends. The competition is now up and even my former student is now my competitor online. As a designer, I am against blogs because the template are the same. For me, the problem with blog was the feeling of originality on design, layout, colors and structures. That is the my reason why I did not start blogging and sharing to my students earlier. Instead I continue with my static sites and i required my high school graduate to produce group web sites. That is 4 years ago. When I got busy with my regular work plus the personal sites that I maintain, I started to use blogs for me to keep my love information posted online. I regrets for not blogging right away. I should have higher or better popularity and higher web traffics now. I should be able to teach my students and teachers as well on this technology so that the mentors are now member of blogosphere.

Since blogs speed up my internet needs which is putting my work online, coupled with online marketing and Adsense encouragement, my blog increase from 2 to 10 now. I became blog addicted and started to write something even I am not a professional writer (hope you accept my grammar and the way I present ideas).

Having a chance working in online advertising company, i have learned that English and Americans occupy big percent of blog in the market. They also have the traffics and the advertisement as well. Luckily, Filipino bloggers (see Manila Bloggers Society, Cebu Bloggers Society and Davao Bloggers Society) started to unite, share links, promote blogs by team and helps other community in promotion. The Indians are very good in web development. They have targeted the international market specially US and UK. Did you notice the "Marry me banner ads". The Indians have cornered the market of dating site. They have bitten us in web development’s freelance war or BPO wars if i may call. India also have Online Advertising Companies while in Philippines, we only have which is unacceptable for me because it is affiliate program. The ideal for Philippines is also Local PPC and CPM like the Google Adwords.

Back to blogging trends now. The free editable blog templates give the designer and developer the feeling of originality in design. Why? it is because they allowed us to modify designs and layouts. Moreover, the wordpress and blogger can be hosted in private server. You can change the URL and the taggings or codes of your comment and posting. You can even do business and receive money like regular dynamic sites. The blog's plug in are also nice. Many site analytics, SEO widgets, social communities, bookmarking, etc. are now complementing the blog trends.

So blogging invited not only the writers, web designer and developer but also professionals like teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers and even farmers. In 2002, I ask my students about the application of internet and then of course the answer is everyone. So therefore, I presumed that blog will become human's way of life. In the future, once blogging become part of school curriculum, every graduates has blog as high school requirements. In TLE we call this as portfolio evaluation. In education, we may call this "online human portfolio" which could run from elementary to college and perhaps until his career retirement. So people even already dead will be remember through his blog.

Yes dear reader of any profession, I have two mission now. First is to unite teachers in one organization know as Teachers Bloggers Society. Secondly and hoping that the blogging will become part of both public and private curriculum as part of ICT Integration. Language subjects have their portfolios, TLE and sciences required students portfolio. Araling Panlipunan, one of the subject with less ICT integration has their own portfolio as well. So one way to publish these students portfolio ONLINE is using blogs. It is easy, understandable and dynamic. Students can carry their blogs URL’s (since most are free) even they finished studies.

I do not know how to bring this to officials, but I just hope they read and think about it.

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Hi Sir,

It was nice reading this post you had. I hope that you being optimistic about this will have it into realization. Your idea presented is great! Congratulations ahead to you and more power!



I too have thought of promoting blogging to the education system.

However, I once did an interview with a fellow teacher/blogger and he said that such a feat would not be easy unless teachers are willing to invest time and effort to use blogs in their curriculum, and I somehow agree with him. After all, blogs are not that easy to manage.

You can read the interview here

Happy blogging!

Hi! I share also the same vision, have blogging as part of school education.This should be supported by the government, the way Korean government supported their own e-commerce industry 10 years ago.

If we are a blogger or if we are someone that enjoys reading blogs, we may have noticed that the blogging community has grown significantly over the last few years. In fact, in 2003, there was an estimated 100,000 blogs on the Internet. Today, estimates put the number of blogs closer to 120 million.
new way to advertise

"to unite teachers in one organization know as teachers bloggers society"

thats a good idea

Hope Deped recognize this grey area in the development of academics

Hi. I'd like to contact you about your entry on blogging as key tool for teachers. How can I contact you? Alternatively, you can send me SMS at 0917 787 8887. Thanks!

By the way, I'm Jay and we have a project that endeavors what you wrote in your blog.

Hi Jay,

You can email me at


Count me in!
My email

you can contact me this no. 09158487122.

God bless us all! And more power to all!

Good day!

Can we also on some problems and issues that we encounter in our school?


Good day!

Can we also post on some problems and issues that we encounter in our school?


Bakit may mga school heads na hindi nahuhuli sa pangungurakot ng MOOE?

I am suggesting that Phil-Iri in Kidapawan City will be an online submission.. Thanks....

I am suggesting that Phil-Iri in Kidapawan City will be an online submission.. Thanks....

Pwede po ba malaman kung kailan ibibigay salary ng mga kindergarten teachers sa ISABELA? September last nagsweldo mga volunteer teachers.

Paglilinaw na ang mga teachers ng district of san pedro sa laguna noong nakaraang teachers day ay nagcelebrate sa isang resort na hindi naman nangyari . Kaawa awang mga guro. Sarap sanang pakinggan. Tsk tsk tsk tsk.