E-Learning website launce by DepEd and Intel

Interactive Learning and Teaching Technology goes live in the Philippines

DepEd and Intel® launch e-Learning website with local education content
Intel Technology Philippines, together with the Department of Education
(DepEd) today announced the availability of the Philippines’ version of the
skoool™ educational website (http://www.skoool.ph). skoool is an online
platform to help teachers and students learn key concepts in Mathematics and
Science. It can be accessed on the Internet for free.

DepEd and Intel Technology Philippines worked together to establish skoool.ph,
an e-learning website containing locally relevant educational content. The first
online resource of its kind designed specifically for students and teachers of
Math and Science subjects, skoool.ph provides resources to enhance their
understanding of these subjects.

“We believe that technology-aided education results in better input and output
from both teachers and students,” said Ricky Banaag, Intel Technology
Philippines country manager. “Intel’s goal is to provide technology and relevant
content to increase knowledge development in the Philippines. Intel is optimistic
that skoool.ph will stimulate the use of IT in education and pave the way for a
new generation of technology-savvy Filipinos,” continued Mr. Banaag.
DepEd’s Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE) reviewed and evaluated the
contents of skoool.com, originally developed by Intel Ireland, and selected
lessons that aligned with DepEd’s curricula for high school levels.

“The Philippine education system needs to evolve from a teacher-led
instructional model to one that is personalized and learner-focused to meet the
challenges of the 21st century,” said DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapus. “We believe
that technology plays a major role in creating this new model that leverages on
alternative learning spaces where education happens anytime, anywhere. I
therefore encourage our teachers to access the content which could be very
helpful in the teaching/learning process.”

DepEd has an on-going ICT integration in education. It is currently focusing its
efforts towards 100% computer laboratory-equipped high schools with Internet
connectivity to majority if not all secondary schools. DepEd is also digitizing its
modules for its mobile teachers to enable them to have easier access to

The content of the skoool Philippines website consists of learning materials in
high-school level mathematics and science covering algebra, geometry,
trigonometry, statistics, biology, chemistry, and physics. Each topic consists of
lessons and exercises for students to test their comprehension, presented of in
the form of interactive animated graphics, video, and voice-over to make
complex subjects like math & science interesting and easier to understand.
Intel and the BSE developed the site’s content based on identified areas of
difficulty in these subjects and continue to leverage on the expertise of top
teachers in their fields for the ongoing development of its content.

"Intel's active involvement in education stems from our commitment to corporate
responsibility. We believe that all students deserve skills to succeed and create
the innovation of tomorrow," said Arlita Narag, Corporate Affairs Manager, Intel
Technology Philippines. "Intel believes that students at all levels everywhere,
deserve to have the skills they need to become the next generation of
innovators. That is why we count education as an important area of our
commitment to corporate responsibility."

skoool.ph provides valuable resources to help students learn and review for
their exams, and to enable teachers to discover new methods of imparting
knowledge. The objective is to provide a rich and integrated approach to
Science and Math education, and to complement classroom teaching by
encouraging students to learn outside of the classroom.

The Philippine version of the website was based on the worldwide experience of
skoool.com, that Intel has developed within different countries under the concept
of skoool™ Interactive Learning and Teaching Technology. Successfully
implemented in many other countries such as UK, Ireland, Sweden and
Thailand, skoool.com is an Intel-driven initiative that brings highly innovative,
interactive and exciting learning resources via cutting edge technologies and
devices to schools.

The skoool web technologies are designed for use on all personal computers
including Intel-based Classmate PCs.

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