Honor Grads Prefer Public School Posting

Honor Grads Prefer Public School Posting
Why would five top graduates of the Pangasinan State University in Lingayen –
all with Latin honors to their name – want to teach in public schools?
The honor graduates who all finished their degrees on full scholarship were led
by Jerome Patungan, a magna cum laude in Bachelor of Science in Education
(BSE) major in Social Studies. He was joined by Auralyn Baliton, Chona
Nisperos, Ma. Theresa Nolledo and Jie Ann Bandong, all cum laude BSE
graduates of PSU.
“I want to teach in public school as a sense of duty to my country rather than go
abroad,” said Baliton.

For her part, Nolledo noted that she is looking forward to teaching in a public
school because DepEd is taking good care of teachers. “Besides, I want to have
a part in molding our young into becoming good citizens,” she added.
Education Secretary Jesli Lapus expressed his appreciation to the honor
graduates who had to overcome poverty before finishing their education degree.
“Being on top of your class is not easy. You are an inspiration to many of our
students. You gave your best despite your poverty,” Lapus told the graduates.
The graduates were accompanied by officers of the Pangasinan Washington
Sister State Association, the local counterpart of the Washington and
Pangasinan Sister State Association (WAPSSA) based in the United States,
which shouldered the scholarship of the students.

According to Dr. Cecilia Daranciang, a retired school official and WAPSSA
member, they choose their scholars from the ranks of poor who have impressive
scholastic record. Since their scholarship program started in 2002 with 33
beneficiaries, they have already graduated 26. At present, they have 12
scholars who each receive $400 per semester.
Dr. Daranciang also said they want to continue contributing to the development
of Pangasinan by providing quality education to poor but deserving students.
This year’s 11 graduates from among their scholars had five on top of the
graduating class.

During the visit with Lapus, Superintendent Alma Ruby Torio of Pangasinan
Division I thanked Secretary Lapus for approving the assignment of a schools
superintendent position for Pangasinan Division II. Prior to this, there was only
one superintendent attending to both divisions.
Region 2 Director Ligaya Miguel also expressed appreciation to Secretary
Lapus since her region has already complete assignment of schools
superintendent in all the divisions.

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