Taong Putik Celebration

For the people of San Juan in Metro Manila and the rest of the Catholic world, they celebrate the feast of St. John with “basaan ng tubig”. But somewhere in Nueva Ecija there’s “Taong Putik (mud people)”!

To the outside world they are called “Taong Putik”. But it is somewhat derogatory and should instead be referred to as “devotees of St. John the Baptist” or ”Pagsa-San Juan” so said the Priest in his homily that day.

I am a resident of Nueva Ecija but this was the first time I have ever visited a humble Barangay called Bibiclat in the Municipality of Aliaga, about 30 minutes drive from Cabanatuan, to witness this ritual. Of all the people I've spoken with, no one can tell me its origin.

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