31st Career Counseling Convention and Workshop

The Career Development Association of the Philippines (CDAP) inc. will holds its 31st Annual Convention and Workshop on September 4-5, 2008 at the Ballroom, Traders Hotel, Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

The Theme of the convention -workshop is "Empowering the Filipino to take Ownership of the Future". This is a good opportunity to professionals specializing counseling to enhance more their knowledge and understanding on the process of career guidance counseling.

The following are topics to be discussed in the workshop
1. Customizing Career Intervention Programs in Response to the School Objectives
2. Career Counselors as Creative Workers in Student Development and
3. Enhancing Career Well-being Through Innovation Strategies

Participants to this activity are counselors from Elementary and High School both Private and Public School.

For any assistants, please contact directly Ms. Helen Bartholomew, Treasurer, Trafalgar Plaza, dela Costa St.
Makati City 028191001

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