667 Million DepEd Budget not properly used

The DepEd funds amounting to Million of pesos from their school year 2007 budget were wasted because of unused computer equipments, classroom furniture and textbooks last year according to congressional planning and budget dept.

Citing the 2007 audit report of the Commission on Audit (CoA), the CPBD said a huge portion of the P139.4-billion budget of DepEd for 2007 went to waste because of "inefficient allocation."

In its "Agency Budget Notes" report for this month, the CPBD disclosed that "information and multi-media equipment packages costing at least P667.95 million were neither utilized nor maximized for classroom instructions in 13 regions."

This report in no longer usual and it happen every year. I know it will happen again next year. Why? It is simply the DepEd as well as government agency is a mirror of our national government. It is already a culture that even a here can not repair anymore. In the next 100 years maybe, time can tell.


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