DepED ask for 2Billion more - ICT Program

IN hopes of achieving the “school of the future,” the Department of Education (DepEd) is lobbying for an additional P2 billion for their 2009 budget.

If granted, the funds will pay for their Information and Communications Technology for Education program (ICT4E).

“The P2 billion would not only include the ICT trainings for the teachers but also for the provision of computer laboratories in the secondary level schools,” said Education Secretary Jesli Lapus.

Through the ICT4E program, DepEd hopes to “globally link” students from the Philippines to other countries to create an international learning environment for all students.

Lapus hopes to increase the use of ICT in all public schools to link students to global resources, help them develop habits of self-learning and allow students to critically seek and analyze information.

“And this is the school of the future: it will allow students to connect with a student from somewhere else in the world and they can do research together,” Lapus told reporters.

While the ICT4E program is expected to start this year, once an allocation has been identified, the education department is in its final stages of the five-year ICT4E strategic plan.

“That amount (P2 billion) may not be realized in full,” Lapus admitted. “It is a new item, so there will have to be a lot of ‘selling’ involved.”

“And if we do not get it (the entire P2 billion), then we will have to realign,” added Lapus.

He also noted the efforts of local government units (LGUs) that have been taking an active part in DepEd’s ICT programs.

“There are some LGUs that are enlightened... some LGUs are putting up computer laboratories,” said Lapus.

As part of the ICT4E strategic plan, DepEd hopes to have all high schools in the county equipped with computer laboratories.

Nationwide, the education department has recorded a total of 44,300 schools, with 37,800 elementary schools and 6,500 high schools. A total of 3,919 high schools have already received computer labs and 700 schools are to follow. By 2009, an additional 2,000 high schools would have computer labs.


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This post reminds me of a quote i read somewhere...

"Computers will never replace teachers. But teachers who use computers will replace those who dont."

Thanks for sharing this news :)

Its nice quotation....

Computer will never replace teacher but teachers who use computer will replace those who dont" In my 4 years are teacher ICT trainor, i find various teacher's attitude during training. Younger teachers are so aggressive to learn. Old teacher are disappointing. They always have alibi and they want to go somewhere even their travel order are only for the training. Some teachers wanted the certificate only and the others wanted to chat. Luckily, we found at least 5 in a 20 teachers that shows interest in the teaching application of ICT.