DepEd Order No. 36 S 2006

Implementing Rules and regulation on EO no 210. Establishing the Policy to Strengthen the use fo the English Language as aMedium of Instruction in the Education System.

1. The increase time allotment in the use of Enlgish for classroom instrction as stipulated in DepEd Order 36 s 2006

2. Filipino and Enlgish shall remain the languages of instruction as per the Bilingual Education Policy and the local language are to be used as auxiliary languages of instrction for formal education and for the ALS.

3. THe use of the mother toungue as the language of instruction beginning in Grade 1 is now recognized as the most effective way to improve student learning and shall also serve as strong bridge langauge to learn a second langauga better and faster.

4. All bureau Directors are hereby directed to provide the field offices through the regional offices succesful models of langauge of learning that have been develoed and have resulted in the student/learners higher cognitive development and faster acquision of basic literacy.

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