How can you tell if the teacher is good?

1. The intelligent teachers are expert of their subject matter.
2. You can see their intelligent in the outputs of his/ her students.
3. The have scholastic records.
4. They are hungry of learning. They learn from, books, environment and students as well.
5. They can tell who are bright, performing and not improving students.
6. They have portfolio.
7. They have awards and achievement.
8. They are respected and recognized by the present and past student.
9. Student always come back to them for advise.
10. They are always in a hurry and wanted to finish all the lesson everyday as it seems there is no more tomorrow.

dear teachers, what do you think is the quality of a good teachers..

2 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

They inspire other teachers to excel on a daily basis.

A teacher that could inspire another teacher must have leadership quality. He or she must be respected. And to be respected, a teacher must have solid good career record with good friendship and co-workers relationship. He/she must have the achievement to present if the performance is being ask. Teacher with no achievement will never be able to inspire both student and teachers as well