RP should invest in IT education of Filipino teachers

Speaking at the Third Information Communication Technology for Basic Education Congress, Dr. Phip Wong, an associate professor at the National Institute of Education, said Asian-Pacific countries should invest and equip teachers “with the tools of the 21st century.”

“Teachers play a crucial role in preparing students to live in the ‘Net Generation,” he said.

“More than salaries, what brings out the best in teachers are improving conditions and support for teachers, teacher training and professional development,” Wong said.

Education Secretary Jesli Lapus, for his part, disclosed that the Department of Education’s five-year Information Communication Technology for Education project with a five-year program is nearly finished.

The project aims to link the learners, including the mentors, to global resources through the use of multimedia instructional materials development, among others.

It will also completely integrate ICT into the curriculum, intensify competency-based professional development programs, establish necessary ICT infrastructure and develop processes and systems for governance and management, Lapus said.

In 2008, Lapus said the DepEd will adopt an ICT Competency Standard for Teachers and will develop a comprehensive professional development program that will be built on existing in-service training initiatives.


1 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

We had one month IT training last summer in Benedicto College sponsored by AGFI. Well lucky for us hehehe! But I'm not contented with one month training, now I'm planning to enroll IT short term course at TESDA. Speaking of investment, I bought myself last year a core2 duo laptop which I'm using during my class.

In this modern gen teachers should invest their laptop since government can't give one. hehehe! (Just my cents) We should learn to explore on modern technology way of teaching. Wish RP could provide us this technologies. Peace to all!