England want liberation on Education

British ambassador in the Philippines Peter Beckingham has urged for the opening up of the country’s mining, education and land ownership to full foreign ownership saying British investors are awaiting for the liberalization of these key sectors.

Beckingham added that the restriction on foreign ownership on land has prevented the development of tourist attractions in the country.

Investments by foreigners in the fields of education would help raise the quality of education in the country once this sector is liberalized.

In the area of education, Beckingham said that a big British school is operating in Kuala Lumpur with as much as 30,000 students because the education sector is open to foreign investors.

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1 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

We will have so much benefit from this.

1. Quality education for our children.
2. Reduction of crowded classrooms.
3. More opportunity to teachers