Malacañang Museum Invites School Field Trip

The Malacañang Museum is situated in historic Kalayaan Hall – the old Executive Building built in 1920– at the heart of the Malacañan Palace complex. The museum features galleries and exhibits showcasing the heritage of the Palace and the Presidency of the Philippines as well as artwork and furniture from the Palace collections. The exhibits include: The History of Malacañan Palace, featuring gifts, relics, memorabilia, artwork and photographs, principally on the ground floor in the old American colonial rooms of Kalayaan Hall:

Old Reception Room Gallery
o Spanish Era (c.1750s–1898)

Old Executive Secretary’s Office Gallery
o Era of Reform, Revolution and the First Philippine Republic (c.1860s–1901)

Old Governor’s Office Gallery
o American Era (1898–1935)

West Staircase Gallery
o Commonwealth of the Philippines (1935–1946)

Main Hall
o Republic of the Philippines (1946 – the present)


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