Teacher and Congressmen - Team Up

Inasmuch as representatives of legislative districts (congressmen) are important partners in education policy making and allocation of budgetary appropriations, all schools division superintendents are hereby director prepare and submit monthly report to their respective congressmen. These reports shall describe the important accomplishments in DepED programs as well as problems/issues for which assistance is necessary.

Furthermore, invitations shall be extended to congressmen wherever Division MANCOM Meetings and or important DepED events are held. Schools Division Superintendent shall aslo meet with their respective congressment periodically to apprise them of accomplishments in major programs and problems/issues whcih affect the legislative district.

Jesli Lapus


DEpED Memo dtd Sept 29, 2008


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NEAP IN Charge

Please allow 2006 Principal passer untrained in the NEAP training Basic Leadership Course not only the 2008 Principal passer you discriminate us we have been waioting for it since 2006.Where is your heart and fairness?
Evangeline R. Maghinay DepEdNeapUP-DilimanScholar Sec. EnglishCollege of Educ 14th month2005-2006 Hope you give us a fair fight!

President Gloria M.Arroyo,
It is a privilige to ask help from you through your number in order to be accessible to the public with your help you really help but there are people who get angry when we air out our needs overdue and unattended.Hope there will be action on our room repair and recementing of cracked classroom floor in Talairon NHS DepEd Division of Oroquieta City.
Evangeline R. Maghinay
PS my favoritism po sa NEAP training newpassers sa Principal lang and pina Train sa NEAP Leadership Training kahit wala pa ang 2006 passers Prejudice in equal of rights for opportunities