DepEd Manual for the procurement of goods and services

DepEd ORder 69 2008 - Customized agency procedure manual on the guidelines on the establishment of procurement systems and organization and procedures for the procurement of goods and services, infractructures project and consulting services.

1. In compliance with the provisions of Section 6 of Republic Act NO. 9184 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations whcih provides the the Government Producrement Policy Board shall pursue the development and approval of generic procurement manual to systematize the procurement process, ensure transparency and avoid confusion, the Task Force on the Customized Agency Procurement Manual and the bids and awards committedd, through the procurement service - technical supportd division, finalized and submitted the CAM of the Department of Education to the GPPB for approval.

2. The GPPB in its Resolution No 01-2008 dated May 30 2008, approved the CAM of the Department consisting of four volumes to wit;
Volume 1 - Establishment of Procurement System and Organization;
Volume 2 Manual of PRocedures for the Procurement of Goods and Services
Volume 3 - Manual of Procedures for the Procurement of Infrastructure Projects

Volume 4 Manual fo Procedures for the Procurement of Consulting Services.

3. As provided further in Section 6.2 No.9184 and its IRR-a the use fo the manual shall be mandatory upon all procuring entities. Relative thereto, the DepEd procurement manual shall be rolled out to the regions, divisions and schools and other attached agencies for tis adoption and official use.


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i need help regarding the deped manual were i can find it. my concern topic is protecting schools assests, people and other govt properties. hope you could help me..

Bakit po walang mga sagot ang mga message na sinusulat nila, sana po pag may nagtanong may sagot din po diba...

I juz wud lyk to ask why school nurses regularly receive their monthly hazard pay and the teachers do not? no disrespect to our school nurses.. but is it not that the teachers were the first to be in direct contact with whatever illness children have in the classroom before they're brought to the clinic? besides, if a child is really ill his parents will bring him to the hospital.. i am not against this additional benefit of our school nurses, it is just not fair that our school teachers do not receive the same when in fact they're the frontliners of the school force..thank u and more power to DEPED!