Teachers group complained against GSIS

Manila Public School Teachers Association (MPSTA), Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC), Teachers Inc. and Federation of Teachers Cooperative (FTC) – are accusing the GSIS of “unjustly and illegally” appropriating from them some P21 billion in benefits from July 1997 to December 2007.

In a joint petition for prohibition and mandamus, the DepEd teachers asked the court to invalidate GSIS President Winston Garcia’s use of premium-based policy as the basis for granting benefits, which the teacher blamed for their problems regarding benefits.

Many retired teachers are complaining on difficulty in claiming benefits. Imagine yourself teaching for more than 30 years and yet after retirement you will be worried for having trouble with the procedure on claiming benefits. You give your best service to your pupils or students yet the GSIS give you problems in processing and trouble that you might not received what you deserved.

Present teachers even on the 10 years in service are now worried with the GSIS on the way they manage the Filipino teachers insurance.


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