First aid training for Teachers

San Fernando City - "Teachers are expected to serve as second parents to their students, and should therefore be extra caring about their (students) health and safety the way real parents are," the DepEd said.

To ensure parents and guardians of their child's safety and health in school, the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) and the Department of Education (Dep Ed) joined hands in promoting first aid programs in public elementary and secondary schools, also enjoining state universities and colleges in the locality.

The aim to keep or maintain a child-friendly environment for the students, the PNRC has started its moves to mobilize their active Red Cross Youth Council and conducted standard First Aid training and Basic Life Support (BLS) - cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) trainings for the year 2008.

Various first aid training skills and knowledge have been taught especially for teachers to ensure that they are equipped with first aid skills and knowledge which they can use to protect their students.

According to Almira V. Abrazado, Chapter Administrator, PNRC-LU Chapter, the type of trainings given are: Standard First Aid Training and Basic Life support for caregivers; BLS-CPR Training for Healthcare Providers; Other First Aid courses like First Aid in the Campus & BLS-CPR for Healthcare Providers; First Aid Training in the Campus & Adult - CPR Training for Lay Rescuers both for college students; - in the secondary level First Aid Training in the Campus; BLS- Adult CPR training for Lay Rescuers; in the elementary level, Junior First Aiders program (Organizational Strategy Training and First Aid in the Campus Training for teachers of DepEd District I & II; and First Aid training for Juniors and Leadership Development Training program in the different Elementary schools in the province.

This is in action to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's directive for the DepEd to include first-aid instruction s in the school curriculum, noting some tragic stories of deaths and survivals of schoolchildren involved in accident in schools. (PIA La Union)

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Elementary First Aid Training Course