Who should be blame if child became drug addicted

Parents are solely to blame if their child turns to illegal drugs, an educator said here on Thursday in an anti-drug symposium at the Tayug National High School (TNHS).

Consuelo Ladio, head teacher III and head of the Values Education Department of the TNHS, said parents are supposed to be the guardians, protectors, models and paragons of virtues to their children since the home is the solid foundation on which society rests.

The symposium, attended by parents and students, also had Chief Inspector Domingo Eden, chief of police, as among the main speakers.

Calling on parents to give love and understanding to their children so that they will not become dependents on drugs, Ladio blamed fathers and mothers for pampering, spoiling and failing their children for being not around when they needed them most.

"While you went your own businesses, gossips, gambling sessions, parties, dances or extra-curricular activities, you abandoned your child at home, pining for love and devotion, yearning for devotion and care," she said.

Having no one else to turn to, he or she often turns to and seeks the companionship of their own kind, other children who were also left by their parents to fend for themselves, she said.

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