6 Million Ransom For Kidnapped Teachers

Three public school teachers from Zamboanga City are now confirmed victim of kidnap for ransom. The teachers -- Rafael Mayonado, Janette Delos Reyes and Frairez Quizon were taken around 8 a.m. Friday while they were traveling to mainland Zamboanga City from Sacol Island aboard a motorized banca.They are about to pick up material for the coming Achievement Test.
The teachers are now confirmed in Basilan Island and it is predicted that the kidnapper will turn over the teachers to their handler who are more expert in Kindap for ransom activity. It turn out that lawless group procedures in kidnaping is to take somebody in the City and transfer to their handler which is located in Basilan.

The 2 teachers were able to call their family and conveyed the 6 milion demand. DepEd Zamboanga City Division Superintendent Dolores Alcantara said the parents cannot raise the amount of ransom demanded by the kidnappers."Our teachers come from poor families and wish nothing more than support their parents, brothers, and sisters," Alcantara said.
Because of the fear from kidnappers, the school in the baranggay where the teachers are taken are now closed.

The police and the Philippine Armed Forces are now looking for the kidnappers but if could be the same story of the ABS CBN newscaster who was release only after paying ransom. After that, no more news of Kidnappers arrest or any press release from local police. The kidnapping of 3 Red Cross workers are still not over, yet we have a new one and this time a public school teachers.


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3 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

Isn't it sad that well meaning people should be caught up with a senseless act as this one? And how, pray tell, do these kidnappers have the heart to demand for 6 million when teachers are a lowly paid, overworked bunch? Now, the students of the area where they teach have been deprived of much needed education simply because their teachers do not want to risk their lives going to their place anymore.

In the early 90' and below. Teachers are well respected even law less element. I still remember one of my teacher who got excuse from holdaper after recognizing her uniform.

Now the teachers uniform could cause them more trouble in the street. They are now became target of bandits

when will peace and order be achieved in that area?

how can teachers make a difference and inspire children to learn when there are lawless elements who prey on them?

my prayers are with the family of the kidnap victims and i hope for their safe return.