Pre-School will become requisite to Elementary Level - Congress

Pre-school education will become requisite for elementary level once the bill pass the third and final reading in Congress. It means the the children will spend 7 years before they could go to high school.

Congressman Jaafar, the endorser of the new law said Pre-school education has been proven to be very important in a child formal education. Angara stressed that the bill is in consonance with the State’s policy
to provide equal opportunities for all children to avail themselves of
free and compulsory preschool education that effectively promotes
physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and skills stimulation as
well as values information to sufficiently prepare them for formal
elementary schooling.

After 3 years of enactment, all children will not be accepted in Elementary if they did not finished pre-school. DepEd will also be tasked to implement and supervise the new law. It will authorize the DepED to develop curriculum, prescribe necessary qualification for pre-school teacher, develop guidelines and standard. Salary of pre-school teacher is the same with the regular elementary teachers.

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In Alugan Brgy.Elementary School,in San Policarpo,Eastern Samar,pre-elementary teachers has P3000.00 salary only,per month compared to law, and others dont yet received the said salary even a cent,some of them started since oct.2008 until now no salary received.Please dont ignore this teachers...

Is there no increase in the salary of the ptca funded preschool teachers this school year 2009- 2010?

when will the bill take effect???
are all public schools entitled to opening a preschool class???
or is it only for the people in the urban area???
how about the schools in the rural areas most especially the far flanged areas???
pls reply po....


i'm also a teacher but i am not favor of this issue. they deprive the rights of the children to enjoy being a child.

In Manila, private school and universities already making pre school a requisite. DepEd is already late