Some reason why we should add more year level in HS

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Nursing, accounting, 2 other courses made 5-year degree programs
Starting this school year, engineering, architecture, nursing and accounting courses will be offered as five-year degree programs, Chairman Emmanuel Angeles of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) said yesterday.

Pre-school education will become requisite for elementary level once
the bill pass the third and final reading in Congress. It means the the
children will spend 7 years before they could go to high school.

Jaafar, the endorser of the new law said Pre-school education has been
proven to be very important in a child formal education. After 3 years of enactment, all children will not be accepted in Elementary if they did not finished pre-school.

About 3 or 4 years ago, DepEd set the passing grade for written teacher test as 85%. Meaning students needs to get 85% of the Achievement test to get passing score. Number of student in province are almost unable to graduate because of failing scores. Some teachers do the dagdag bawas by giving additional projects. The truth is that we produced students that is not ready for college.

The curriculum of DepED is compact and topics are integrated to save time and budget resulting to poor mastery of the lesson. Lucky are those students and teachers in Science High School for they can slow down the lesson or speed up the discussion. What about the ordinary school with 80+ students in one section. They need more time to practice the skills. They lesson that are not mix with other topics so it will not bring confussions.

Look at the statistics. Look at the number of HS graduates that did not pursue college. Look the the colledge students for many of them do not have knowledge and skills which will cause them to land on low quality college and universities.

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adding 2 years more on that courses? WTF? ... they should rather bring a quality education.. what a waste of time would that be......

That is why another years is added. To give more quality time on learning.

Well, will it be another year of quality education, or just another year of the same thing? I think they should consider these instead:
Train teachers better, motivate them with good compensation. Mediocre pay means low morale of educators. Instructional materials that are globally competitive. More to say but its getting tiring.