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To get more friends from Internet, I added this page. So anyone who are interested to have a link exchange with us. Please comment with your title, url and description and i will response right away. Since this is high PR blog i required the link seeker to have a minimum of PR 2.


  1. Hakuna Matata - My Ark full of Worry - Free Thoughts
  2. Donald Serrano - The feeling Pro bloggers.
  3. Tanikalang Ginto - Philippine largest director.
  4. I love and hate America - Filipino in United States who love and hate some American way
  5. Jehzlau-concepts - Defining the edge of abstract electronic arts...
  6. James world - The blog of cute na web developer
  7. Bohol Province - Official site of Bohol Province
  8. Pinoy Board Result - PRC board Exam Results
  9. Writers Blog - The blog of article writer.
  10. Josie Window - The blog of home based working mom.
  11. Cecil Blog - New blogger

Teachers Blog

  1. School Principal - The blog of retired school principal.
  2. DepEd Toledo City - The blog site of Department of Education - Toledo City Division.
  3. Don Alipio Fernandez Sr. Integrated School - DAFSIS Elementary School Pangasinan
  4. She Teaches - A day in the life of teacher


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let's exchange links. my site is

Already linked your site by RSS to my site

Thank you very much for your offer, but I have no idea what a 'link exchange' is. If that means you'll add a link to my site on your page if I do the same, then thanks, but no thanks. My site's not commercial or anything and the only links I have there so far are to those of other City Daily Photo blogs. Aside from some Wiki entries about the Philippines and Metro Manila, that is. Besides, most of my regular readers are not even from the Philippines! And I don't think you need my help in creating more traffic for your blog — you seem to be doing very well on your own! :)

Keep up this very helpful work! And thanks again.

Hi there! I'm responding to your request that I include you in my blogroll. I just did and I hope to get included in yours also.

You may also want to visit my other blog which rants about national and local issues: PolitEkonCheers at mabuhay!

Seek No MoreNesting Buddy

Thank you for the exchange links.

Please inform me if I owe you a links/


Please allow me to include your site on link or blogroll portion of my new blogsite. My new blog is about 3d tutorials that can be a reference site for our elective teachers who wishes to teach 3d arts and animations.
Let's exchange links

You can vote some poll question there, too.

I will be adding this site as one of the related links to blog of the DepEd Division of Toledo City, Cebu our address is

Please also include us in your list.

hellO! nice blog! keep it up! visit my blog too,


Nope from Luzon now living in Cebu. Are you open for xlink.

Hi, I already added you to my blog roll. I hope you can add me as well. Please use Hakuna Matata! as the anchor text for my link. Thanks.

Hi, I already made the necessary changes to my links as requested. Added live2care as well. Thanks.

Bro, inayos ko na ung link sa call center site mo. Please change ung mga anchor text ng link ko sa Hakuna Matata! Tsaka mali ung URL ko na andito bro. Pakicheck. Thanks.

My Web header DAFSMES is now changed to DAFSIS. Our vision to become an Integrated school is now in reality :)

I included you in my Blogroll. My site is intended for Filipino Engineers around the world.

"Inhinyero" - For Global Filipino Engineers

sorry for the delay sir... I've added you already to my blogroll. check it out. thanks!

Good day fellow, blogger!
I have asked around for your contact number among CBS members and it seems they don't have any.
I would like to talk to you via YM or the like communication facilities in order to get your opinion or a possible informal interview with you with regards to our project proposal which is our requirement for young minds academy - 3, a program of the ramon aboitiz foundation inc.(RAFI) in which our THeme this year is education hope to hear from you soon!
here is my email: or u cud contact me directly in my personal website

hope to here from you soon and thank you very much!

Hi, Wanna exchange link? My site is

pedr0vaz /Directory

want to exchange links?

do you have any way of contacting your link partners the more the mather


i only exchange link with PR 2 sites and up.

Blog must be 2 months old and posting at least 3x a week

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hello... this is a nice and helpful blog... kudos and more power...

i am hoping we can exchange links...

please let me know...


hello, i am running my own teacher blog and it would be nice to exchange links with blogs that are related to my blog. I linked you up under "in the academe" and my blog has a PR of 3.

i will wait for your response.

wanted to exchange links with ur blog to improve google page ranking of both of us
my blog

plz reply

This site is here to provide information, news and reviews about schools, hagwons, universities, travel experience in South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Europe, International and the Middle East.

I like your website, Are you interested in a link exchange? Instant link exchange on

sa kinauukulan ,

magandang arw po sa inyo nais ko lng pong ilapit s inyo ang skul s teodoro luansing college og rosario e-campus. bilang isa pong mgulang nais ko po mpaganda at mpbuti ang mga studyante s paaralang ito. nais ko po mkita ninyo o masilip man lng ang klagayan nmin doon .kulng po s mga pasilidad ktulad ng computer,cr n maayos,library at principal meron nmn po nktlga ngunit prng hiniram lng po nmin s college. diga po ang principal ay lgi dapat nag oobserve at lging ns skul upang masubaybayan angmga guro at bata doon. mdmi pong kulng s skul n ito . ako po bilang mgulng ay lumalapit s inyo private po eto pero masmganda p yt po ang public dito s rosario . lubos po ako nagppslmat kung ito ay maaksyonan ninyo. maraming slmat po.


Hello friends, I would like to exchange links with you, whether I am allowed to exchange links with you.
My link as follows:

Please add also mine, I am also a teacher by profession..i would also add yours in my recommended reads..thanks!

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