Teachers Needed in USA

For public Service
Teachers for USA

POEA Reg. No. 10051382

MATH, SCIENCE, ELEM, SPED for school year 2009 - 2010

BEED, BSE Major in Math, Science, English, Social Science, PE, MA SPED
2 sets Resume with job description and photo, language written and spoken.
Copy of Transcript of Records and PRC License and Passport, NBI Clearance.
Copy of PRAXIS other exams if available

send to

Suite 407 j&F Division Arcade 961 Aurora Blvd Cor Anonas St Cubao QC.
Tel 436 8998 Email: pars_resume@yahoo.com Lic POEA-055-LB-103007-UL


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1 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

This is good news too bad i did not finish my BEED degree but I hope I can finish it here(USA).