DepEd Announcement: No Collection of Fees in the month of June

School should not collect any fees, the secretary of the Department of Education said. He emphasized that the Department of Education or DepEd already release an order strictly prohibiting any forced collection in all public elementary and high schools to encourage more children to schooling. This is to support the DepEd's program about reducing school drop out and improving the literacy ratio of the country.

There should be no collection of fees specially the PTA contribution, BSP, Red Cross etc during the first month of June. School ID's are now can be deducted using school's MOOE or Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses. For any complain dial this numbers: 6361663, 6331942,


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8 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

bakit ang mga PTA require ang membership

deped order no.48,s 2009 states that no fees shall be collected from schoolchildren enrolling in pre-school up to grade 4 during the enrolment period and any time during the school year (bsp, gsp, red cross, anti tb, and ptca)principals in isabela province pwede dw collect sa july basta voluntary given by the parents.....ano ba talaga kuya???

Let us be realistic and forget the Government memorandum. That is only to follow the legal and constitution mandate of free education.

The truth is - there is no free education today..
The reality is - the cheaper the education the less quality you can have.

deped order no.48,s 2009,...that no fees shall be collected ... up to gr IV? bakit dito sa Ilagan South Centrel School, parents even pay for the electricity, though meron na sa MOOE n principal. Ano ba mga Sir/Mam!

bakit nangongolekta ng GSP at BSP membership ang PTA... wala naman ginagawa o program ang mga organisasyon na iyon.. pinagkakakitaan lang nila ang mga bata.... magkano ba komisyon ni Principal?

walang komisyon ang principal dyan. Ang meron dyan yung nasa itaas ha ha ha ha.

This is a good mandate if school needs are provided eg. classroom materials, IM's , School Playground apparatus, improvement of school, kaso ang liliit ng perang aabot sa paaralan. naging professional beggar tuloy ang mga principal

You are correct, i heard this term before.