Mini Wonders of the World - Education Tour

DepED Advisory No. 180 s.2009

Mini Wonders of the World

The Words of Life Christian Ministrics Inc., a Christian Foundation embarks in a project for its Church Building Plan. It will be an education museum that will cater to school children via field trips and it will be aptly called Mini Wonders of the World. It is a panorama of the 8 wonders of the world in miniature replica of 12 to 14 foot structures. For details please download here.

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This is good only for the schools located in Luzon

i heard they are also going to bring this to cerain provincial locations after a few months run in metro manila. this is good news! =)

I've been to mini wonders in pasay try to visit or much better go with your childrens annual field trips and you will enjoy the place and goodies they are selling there we took a lot of pictures and it's worth it.nice place talaga and proud ako na meron na tayo ganyan dito sa pilipinas.

I am about to start a blog and your blog gave me much hint how to do it. I really loved to visit your blog. Hope to see more inputs from you in your blog.

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Do you have the number for the MIni wonders of the world in pasay city? thanks!