Warning for Teachers

A friend of mine show this movie and I just could not finished watching it. You too should be on guard of your house and do not let this thing to happen to your children. We are all busy but still need to keep on guard.

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11 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

i feel like crying for this little kid... i cant't bear the pain of watching this kind of cruelty... teacheers are taking care of other kids while their kids left at home with somebody we don not really know..

This video alarm me too because i am leaving my children in the custody of nanny. They were good I know but I am not 100%

im shock for this situation I feel bad for the child she abuse, I thuink as a teacher give her a punishment of suspended in her field. Thank you

care for x-link..ur link already added as "DepEd Teacher"..Hope u too will add me..ping me once u added...Happy blogging :)


Is that the nanny? What happened to her now? I think she deserves to be put to jail. Anong tingin nya sa bata.. laruan.. hayop.. Hindi tao and nanny na yan.. Give her some lesson.. To the teachers around who leave their children to their nannies, be on guard..

hello,,,greetings of peace friend! your site is very beautiful and informative! would you mind if we exchange links friend?^__^

I feel sad and angry to the yaya. I think if I'am the child I will kill her when I become OLDER.. promise if iam that child i will cut and grind her head.!!!!!!!!!

To Yaya; you 're so lucky that I am not that child.. because i will not leave you until in the next life i will make your life miserable...!!!!! You're too cruel.

how can you do that to a child, great KARMA will come on your way very soon.

To the Child: i feel sad to the child because me too when I was at her/his age, I'm also one of the victim of these kind of monster yaya, my mother is also a teacher. She caught our monster yaya doing same thing to me.

i wish that if someone see or know her please kill her. thanks to the video its so blurd if you have the picture of that person please post it. thanks.

That nanny is a monster. It's soooo evil to do that to a helpless child. I hope she was already given due punishment. She must suffer bad karma all her life.

To the parent, the child will be needing a lot of love even when she grows old and have children him/herself or she might become just like that nanny.....

The kid: I hope you be blessed with more people to love you dearly all your life!

my heart bleeds when i saw this video..If that was the nanny she deserve to be jail...poor teachers taking good care of thier pupils/class while thier very own suffered from abused...