Kidnap DepEd Teacher's Finally Freed

The three DepED Teachers are now freed. Are we  at less priority? Did somebody pay 3M?

Three Million is the ransom for the kidnap teachers in Basilan Province. But even 3 million worth of ransom, the victim's family and teacher's friends can not afford to pay so the operation of the police and military proceeded until they are freed. The ransom started with 20M then down to 10M until it became 3M.

Enriquez, Mandi and Inion are DepEd Teachers abducted somewhere in Zamboanga onboard  Banca going to DepEd Division office. Kidnappers then turn over the teachers to Basilan based terrorist known as Abu Sayaff.

Noemi was falsely reportedly died in captivity because she just bypass a medical surgery before she was kidnapped. Noemi is now with her families.

These freed DepED teachers suffered both physical and emotional stress after 6 months in captivity. Many thought we are the last priority among terrorist victims given the fact that 2 foreigners working in Red Cross was released first even they were captured later than the 3 teachers.

There is no confirmation why the Abu Sayaff freed the 3 teachers however the police and  military said they pay no ransom instead a continuing operation is ongoing.


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