Lawyers Contested the Computerization of Election in SC

Philippines Supreme Court rejected the petition of team of lawyers challenging the implementation of 2010 Election through computer. The SC recognized the validity of contract awarded by the Government to Smartmatic International and its partner.

With the clear unbalance vote 11-3 favoring computerization, Atty. Harry Roque Jr. and his group was rejected with a message from SC "If the lawyer made a due diligence in examining the validity of contract they will realize that there is no basis for filing the petition to the court".

For an IT specialist like me with so much programmer's friend around me, It is easy to develop this kind of technology and Filipino developer are good enough to protect its integrity. 

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3 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

Dapat siguro ang mga lawyer na ito ay i pa enrol sa IT school para maka intindi

I'm just wondering, what would be our specific role to this computerization election. Only IT teachers has the big role here. I'm sure to that...hehe!

Comelec should start the training ASAP of teachers