DSWD in the State of Calamity?

This is in support of the claimed by a fellow blogger named Ellaganda.com in which she expose the state of calamity inside the DSWD warehouse. In her blog she write that there is something wrong in this department for not distributing well the donations for calamity victim.

She is amazed why DSWD is not exerting its effort to distribute the tons of donation from foreign government. She is also confuse why the DSWD rejected some volunteer and not allowed to take pictures. Luckily she managed to get the pictures as proof that DSWD is in the state of the calamity.

Enjoy the resourcefulness of our DSWD with these pictures.

So why all these things are still here while we know there are many people in needs.

Will these donation for display in warehouse only?

So many people and victim of calamity that do not bedding at all.

Donation from Japan sleeping in the warehouse?

Why are these can goods are still here DSWD?

In a news report from yahoo she denied any hoarding allegation. She said they are just waiting for a request from regional offices before they can release that relief goods.

Newly arrived donations. The tracking service have manpower to discharge the goods but the DSWD do not have personnel to deliver the goods to the people in need.

So why not use the college and university student. Why not go to TV for volunteers and why not ask GMA and ABS CBN where even actors and actress are participating in the distribution of goods. I agree with the Ella. There is resourcefulness problem in the DSWD.

While there are available resources in this department, the Manila Bulletin reported
6 upland town in Ilocos province which is isolated again because of landslide. Is the DSWD will wait request from the regional offices before they act?



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