The Campus Journalism in the School

Campus Journalism is such an amazing program which was enacted into law a few years ago to encourage more participation, create funding and protect the campus advisers and writers from harassment or abuse of power to those who are in full authority.

The campus journalism act gives the options either to give constructive or creative comments to those persons in the higher office or the persons in the private learning institutions to be very careful and not to be abusive of their power and privileges. If there are limitations about the press freedom, the persons concerned ought to be very careful also and not to be very abusive in order to control from being attacked by the use of pen and paper. That’s why there is a campus paper in every school to let the public know about the projects and activities done by the school administrators, mentors, students and local community.

    This is a laudable endeavor of the Government officials. Because of this act, promising campus writers are trained and given exposure to hone their talents. School Press Conferences are held every year. Starting from the division level, it goes to the regional level and finally to the national level. Campus writers, who qualify to the regional level, have the chance to visit different places in the region and those who qualify to the national level have the opportunity to show case their talents and meet the best in news writing, feature writing, editorial writing as well as essay writing all over the country.

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