DepED Press Release - Christmas Party

The Department of Education through its Secretary has called on the whole DepEd schools including DepEd offices in entire country to celebrate the Christmas party in a SIMPLE yet meaningful way.

The difficult economic times call for austerity and simplicity, said by our hard working Secretary. 
He also noted that the severe experiences brought about by the global economic crisis that leads to thousands Filipino jobless and by the series of typhoons have tested the Filipinos’ resiliency.

Lapus is asking the schools and offices who plan to have Christmas party to consider donating the party budget to the families of typhoon victim. He also stresses the guidelines in requesting donation. Everything should be in voluntary while Christmas decoration should be simple and inexpensive. Any violation is considered as Administrative action.

However, the Secretary did not mention where to complain if student or parent where force to donate food or money for the Christmas party.

Posted with the help of our little supporter - Philippines call center and its group of companies.

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