Mayor Lim - A Hero of all ages.

He was known as the dirty Harry in Manila because they believed he order the execution of drug pushers and leave them floating in the STERO of Manila. Results - reduction of drug pushers.

He is the one who ordered the closure of the famous Ermita sex den in Malate Manila. The barangay  is now the best place for people enjoying night life with quality disco bar. Philippines call center agents now became regular visitors of this place. Sometime, I call this street as Elite district for the best disco bars are here. Anyway, these are better than the old Ermita where only dancers are the entertainment.

His famous action was when he sided to Pres. Cory Aquino and defended the democracy against Military lead revolution. This is not only once but thrice if I am correct. The result, we are not enjoying a democratic government run by elected officials and not by Guns of the soldiers.

The latest is the Christmas bizarre news about a woman who is about to deliver her twin babies but turned down and neglected by nine hospitals both public and private.

The woman was rejected by known best hospital in Manila. The father said, the story began when he brought his wife 2 government hospitals in Las Pinas City only to be rejected. They proceed to Sta. Cruz where another famous Government hospital is located. Yahoo said it is near to DOH office so my guess is that this Jose Reyes Medical Center. This hospital is accepting poor patients and I became their patient once. Mind you, the attitude of the employees in this hospital is one of the poorest in Manila that I visited. Nurses shout at you and doctors give you prescription while you are having trouble with pain. Hey doctor you should send me to ER that time. This is personal experience and I know teachers experience poor service too by most government hospital.

The couple proceeds to E. Rodriguez Ave specializing on children but once again rejected. The couple proceeds to Rizal Avenue where they are rejected too. This is the Philippines best hospital since it is attached to University of the Philippines. The brightest are here yet they rejected the couple. Philippines General Hospital is known for discrimination. You can not be treated in this hospital if you do not have friend’s recommendation.

They proceed to Manila Tondo Hospital if I am correct and suffer the same faith. They have behaved employees but less equips since only the Manila City Government provides their budget. They proceed then to a private hospital in San Juan Metro Manila and then proceed to Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard nearest to Greenhill. If I am correct, this is University of the East Hospital. Another Government hospital in San Juan City and still rejected. Then they proceed to Private hospital in Las Pinas and rejected again.

They decided for help though the  nearest radio station DZRH and ask Mayor Alfredo Lim for assistance. No second thought the known dirty Harry ordered the Ospital ng Maynila to accept the patient and the babies including the mother are now safe.

What I want to impart here is that Mayor Alfredo Lim, for me is  a real HERO of all times. No doubt about that. He might have a poor office management and have a strong hands against political opponents yet he there if you need help.

He stands beside former President Aquino during the last day of her life and only means he will stand with us for the rest of his life.


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