Web Page Development Training for Teachers

Web Page Development Training Workshop for the 48 Regional ICT Tech Voc High Schools

As a continuing support to the operationalization of the Regional ICT Technical Vocational High Schools, a training workshop on Web Page Development will be conducted on February 4-12, 2019 at Marigondon National High School - Top 1 Regional ICT TVHS in Region VII in Lapu Lapu City Cebu.

The objectives of this training workshop are to create or develop a web page for each of the 48 Regional ICT Technical Vocational High Schools, train the participants on the following:

    * plan a web page
    * Assemble a basic page using basic features such heading, links, tables, etc.
    * familiarize them with the most basic design elements involved in effective web page and
    * learn the steps required to publish a page on the web
    * Train the participants in utilizing web pages for lesson plans, demonstration and presentation purposes.

Each of the 3 regional ICT TVHS shall send 1 participant preferably with basic background on web page building process and has working knowledge on .NET programming as the ultimate objective of this training workshop is the creation of schools web pages.
DepEd Memo 519 s. 2009



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Yea this is nice! Bisag ako interesado ani pero kato ra jud mga computer teacher na duol sa luwag ang ila apil ana. LOL!!!


mao! anyways, i'm glad to be of help i'll be offering my service for free, ie; how to setup website the easiest ever..

we'll have to wait...

@ Faust

Service for free? Is this true? hehe! Pwede ko tutor nimo sir? Taga dre ra ko Cebu City Division.


it might be better mag arrange ug seminar workshop sa cebu division i'll be glad to help..

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