5th National Science Educators Convention

The Association of Science Educators in the Philippines in cooperation with the Department of Education will conduct the 5th National Science Educators Convention on April 21-23, 2010 at Teachers camp Baguio City with the theme "Inspiring Ambitions, Enabling People and Enriching Lives Thru Science and Technology"

It aims to enhance the skills of teachers in writing  research and investigatory projects; enrich the curriculum for the in service in content and teaching strategies, develop instructional materials to enhance quality learning's interaction in the classrooms and enhance the skills of teachers in managing change in classroom instruction.

Participants invited to this activity are the Ed Supervisor I and 2 , district supervisors, Principals, school head, science coordinators and advisers. etc

For more infomation: Dr. Fruit Godoy at 02-632-1835 and 02-926-2233
DepEd Memo 99. s 2010

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This is a great steps for DepEd to enhance also the knowledge and skills of our dear teachers. They are the second parents of our children when they are in school so they should be well equipped with the knowledge and skills. best pet insurance

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