Basic Education Research Fund

 1. Deped maintains the Basic Education Fund (BERF) that is intended to finance the conduct of education-related researches/studies.  For SY 2010-2011, the use of the BERF shall concentrate on areas/topics for research to wit:

deped fund
a. Increasing participation rate by reaching the unreached children/learners
b. Impact of pre-schooling on increasing survival rates in lower elementary grades
c. Impact of feeding programs on pupil learning/achievement
d. Raising the proficiency level of children already in school
e. Increasing local government spending in basic education
f. Cost Effectiveness of education service purchasing
g. Improving Deped's internal efficiency through the development of new and or improvement of existing systems and procedures for implementing Deped programs and projects and other operations
h. Modernization of Deped operations

Research proponents may either narrow down the specific areas to be researched on, or may recommend other possible areas, subject to Deped's approval.

2. Bureaus and Centers of the Central Office can avail of this research fund by submitting a research proposal following the prescribed format shown in Attachment 1.

3. Institutions outside Deped may also apply. For this purpose, the following criteria shall be considered in the evaluation of a non-Deped-developed research proposal:
a. Qualification of the Service Provider (50%)
b. Quality of the Proposal (30%); and
c. Cost of Proposal (20%).

4. A research grant of Php500,000.00 shall be made available for each Deped Regional Office and one Division Office per region to enable them to use research as a tool for making local policies and decisions.  The utilization of the research grant shall be subject to the prior approval by the Deped Central Office of their official request for the grant, duly supported by a research proposal which shall be within Deped's thrust and policies described in item 1 hereof and in accordance with the attached format.  The Deped research grant shall be in the form of fund transfer to the Regional and concerned Division Offices.  However, these offices are required to submit a full report after the research/study has been undertaken.  Part of the report shall be the official copy of a proposed Deped order or memorandum addressing certain policy relevant gaps applicable nationwide or obtaining in a specific region as a result of the findings and recommendations in the study.

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5. The invitation to undertake research in basic education is extended to Deped and non-Deped offices/researchers.  However, the submission and evaluation of proposals from private institutions shall be subject to the provisions of RA9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act)

6. The research must be completed within one year.

7. Deadline for the submission of the request for a research grant and research proposal from the field offices is April 30, 2010.

8. The Office of the Director for Planning Service shall coordinate and supervise the utilization of the Basic Education Research Fund.

9. A Technical Evaluation Committee shall be organized to evaluate the research proposals submitted by different offices.

10. Immediate dissemination of this Order is desired.

DepEd Order 24 S.2010

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15 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

Good day to everybody.. Before, I was teaching in the public high school in the Phils. for more or less 12 years. I went abroad (KSA) and was given a chance to work there as a teacher in an international Philippine school. Could it be possible for me to apply again in the public school? What are the things to be done? Thank you very much.

You will be an asset once you come back here. Make sure you apply to the nearest school because of the localization program.

All the necessary requirement as an applicant should be ready.

Prepare for the test.

Hi Everyone..I'm a computer engineering graduate and I currently have a job but I realized that I really love teaching...How could I become a teacher in a public high school?And what are the preparations should I take?
Thank you so much..!!!

Hi Everyone..I'm a computer engineering graduate and I currently have a job but I realized that I really love teaching...How could I become a teacher in a public high school?And what are the preparations should I take?
Thank you so much..!!!

I am a new teacher applicant. I happened to submit an application in our barangay school and another one in the central school. Meaning, I submitted two applications in two different schools but in the same district. I have learned of the localization law. What will be the consequence of my application????

If localization law will be followed, then what's the use of screening and ranking the teachers? No wonder, the quality of education becomes lower because of this policy. If an applicant from the lower rank gets an item over the applicant from the top ranks just because of localization, screening them is not working then....

Selection of teachers still in the hand of the Principal even there are ranking procedures

Hi... I am a fresh LET passer, just this April 2010. Haven't had my certificate/license yet since the oath taking ceremony would be on June 26. Just want to know if i could apply now in a public school or am I too late? When would be the appropriate time for me to submit an application? I still dont have any idea about the process, do I have to submit my application to the school or to the division? please help... i really want to teach. by the way, i'm a biology graduate... thanks a lot...

Good day to everyone. My wife is a teacher-applicant in the division of angeles. Her Rank is on the upper 20 of the total applicants in our division, but because of localization law applicant whose rank is no.99 will be having a regular appointment instead of those in the upper bracket. What a shame to that law! That is absolutely the reason why the quality of education is downgrading! Imagine hiring less capable applicant instead of the more able one?

I am a pubic school teacher since 2006. My address is in brgy.A since birth. I got married with a private school teacher whose place of residence is in brgy.b in Dec'2008 and we have reside in brgy.A since after marriage. In her application in the public school, she registered as resident of brgy.B because of brgy.B is situated in the city proper, will she not be able to use my residence as her secondary address? What a shame with the LOKAL-lization law for they are hiring less productive teachers from their barangay other than highly capable teacher applicant who hails from other barangay! Anong mangyayari sa barangay nila? Siguradong lalaki mga bata sa kanila na kasing-talento ng hindi marunong na teacher na kabarangay nila?

What if a barangay does'nt have an elementary school and he/she ranks no.10? How will localization law be applied?

It is better to have fund for the basic research because funding the institution will help teachers enhance their skills and knowledge through different programs and that will benefit our children for great education. brother fax machine

Good day! Teacher din po ako at magulang... naniniwala po ako sa no collection policy ng Deped, no tuition fee, subalit ung mga principal khkinokolektahan pa rin po mga bata ng bayad sa test paper, Ok lang po sana kaya lang sa halagang 12.50 per quarter 10 pcs lang po na test paper at answer sheet per class n 40 pupils ang gumagamit. magkano po ang kinikita nla n pag kakaliliit po ng print n halos di n po mabasa ng mga bata. kaya hayon bumabagsak po ang mga bata. compulsary p. pls pay attention po with regards to this... thanks

hello good day. i am a LET passer and at the same time a civil service passer (professional level), now my question is, does my civil service be counted as a point in ranking? I still have no teaching experience, would it still be possible for me to be accepted at DepEd? thank u.

Good Day...i passed the LET last 2007 and worked in a outsourcing company..I plan to pursue my teaching career but don't have teaching experience yet, what should I do? what are the requirements for ranking in public school?