Handmade Toy and Photography Competitions

The Egyptian National Center for Childcare's Culture will hold two competitions for children  from 4 to 18 years old on the following fields:

A. Handmade Toy Competition

It aims to discover talented children worlwide to make handmade toys that express their folklore or ideas from available materials.

B. Photography Competition

It aims to encourage children from all over the world to express themselves according to their views of nature, the people, and life through th eart of photography, as well as develop their aesthetic sense of taste.

The theme of the competition is "Portray Free Architecture Through Nature".

The rules of the competition are the following:

1. Participating children will come worldwide with ages not exceeding 18 years old;
2. Participants should submit the following information in English or Arabic and typewritten:
-full name
-full address
-date of birth
-email address (for photography competition)
3. Size of each pjoto should not exceed 30x45 or 13x14 centimeters(cm) two(2) copies of photo or on CD.
4. Participants hould not send more than one work; and
5. Works should be sent before May 30, 2010 to Foreign Cultural Relation Ministry of Culture - 44 St., Messaha-Dokki-Giza, Egypt

a. Golden Medals
b. Silver Medals
c. Certificates of Merit

For more information, contact the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) (Office of Middle East African Affairs) at 2330 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City

2 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

Thank you for posting this competition information. So often, students are marginalized in terms of their artistic talent and not taken seriously. It's great to see that people are celebrating student art . Thank you for sharing!

Firstly, i want to thank you for the "handmade toy" competition. I work as a teacher in an elementary school in Cyprus, and my little students were thrilled with this competition! They enjoyed every minute of the preparation, they used themes of Cyprus history and tradition to make their very special toys. I would like to ask, though, when are the results be announced? And, finally, are the projects of these contests going to be in your site, so we can all see some very nice ideas?
Thanks again, a lot.
Chara - Cyprus