Noynoy Featured in Time Magazine

Very few Filipinoe's were featured in this world recognized magazine. I know the old Corazon Aquino is one, Paquiao is another one and Mr. Fidel Ramos too,  when the Philippines was in the position to be called as the new tiger economy of Asia (fortunately it was not materialized).

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1 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

Is being the cover boy of TIME Magazine a reason for a Filipino to be proud of?

I think, in the case of Pacquiao, we should. He's the pound-for-pound boxer of the world, after-all.

But perhaps, what achievement did Noynoy Aquino did? Being the son of a hero and a saint-president (sainthoods nowadays are prankter's joke)?
Well, give me at least a couple of reasons why should I, as a citizen of this country, be proud of this cover boy.

He's always uttering No Corrupt, No Poverty slogan, but did he ever told us how he will do that? Or you are saying that the entire Liberal Party are free from corrupt mayors, governors, congressmen, senators, and other local government officials.

And the fact that he's always comparing him from GMA, saying she's the BAD and he's the complete opposite of her, the GOOD, as though it's a black and white choice? Well, even his parents aren't that GOOD, total good.

Wake up teachers. Wake up, youths.