New Science High School to Rise through Philippines

Expansion of S & T Oriented High Schools
School Year 2010-2011

One of the Department of Education DepED's thrust is to provide high school students with a more intensive and advanced secondary education program with reference to science and mathematics. Hence the BSE has expanded the implementation of the Engineering and Science Education Program to 85 schools, which shall special establish special science classes effective school year 2010 - 2011. Please see Enclosure No.1 of the list of newly identified S & T Oriented High Schools.

The ESEP implemented by the S&T Oriented High Schools aims to improve the quality of science and mathematics education and to develop a strong science culture among high schools.

These special science classes shall cater to intellectually promising and science inclined student who shall qualify and meet the minimum standards set for special science classes adapting the curriculum of the S&T Oriented High Schools. See enclosure no 2 for the documented list of the originally identified high schools and the Learning Resource Centers which wee integrated ti implement the program.

List of of new science high school

Deped Order No. 40 S. 2010

7 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

It is really good that DepEd is identifying schools to implement Special Science High School. Can the DepEd sustain it? Why is the DepEd putting much of its meager resources to the selected few to the detriment of the great majority?

This is good to all Filipinos because there will be more science oriented curriculum as well as science train teacher to handle intelligent public school students.

im part of the esep class but i think their just using or having an esep class so that whenever there are competitions in schools,,they'll have a bet.

maganda talagang maging esep kaya lng may mga disadvantages din..gaya ng mahabang oras ng pagaaral,maraming assignments at mahihirap na projects. kung minsan ay wala na kaming pahinga.

Indeed science classes are good to be implemented in every high schools in the country. because due to the high level of education program they have, we can also train our future leaders.

It is really good for public schools to assigned special classes for ESEP and S&T to provide high quality education for those poor but deserving students. We know that public schools are really low in performance when it comes to science and specially in Mathematics compare to highly competent Private schools. I salute DepEd for this project but kindly pay attention to those administrators who are just accepting the curriculum just to claim a big amount of budget for their own sake. They are not using the budget for students and teachers development but its for their own interest.

it is good science curriculum high school is implemented in the Philippines. but is it legal that the regular class is up to Saturday here the Notre dame of kidapawan college. they utilized saturday because of additional subject.