Pilipino Stage Play Production

The Entablado Pilipino Stage Play Production for SY 2010 - 2011

a. Ang Bayang Magiting is the historical musical drama depicting the Philippine 3 historical land marking scenes;

a. The weaving of the Philippine Flag
b. The life of Dr. Jose Rizal
c. The events that concluded into a revold led by Andres Bonifacio

b. Ang Pluma at ang Tabak is a theater presentation of parallelism on the common objectives and lies of Dr. Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacion.
c. Limbo is a contemporary and value oriented musical comedy play on how desire can erode ones holistic being.

d. Sa Lungga ng mga Pusa is a contemporary play on the mixture of peoples varied attitude and outlooks on life

For more info: Mr. Manula Larador at 418-2303 and 465 4282
Cell#0916 4631224 and email at progress_ent@yahoo.com

DepEd Advisory No. 108 s. 2010

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