Sports for Peace Event

The Natioanl Peace Consciousness Month is celebrated in Sept of every eyar per Persidential Proclamation no.675.

In conncection with this years celebration, the Deutsch Gesellschaft fur Technisch Zusammenabeit - Conflict Transformation Mindanao Preparation Caraga Program has organzied a Sport for Peace event in the caraga Region.

The SFP event aims to provide school children the opprtunity to play and enjoy the games, interact with other children to exchange ideas, develop friendship that cut across borders and engage in friendly competitions. More importantly they learn that even in deiversity, people with different beliefs, practices, originsand languages could embrace each other engage in the same activities and work together to achieve common goals. The activities promote peace and solidarity, teamwork and socialization while establishing the basic foundation of the sprots core values.

The pupils and student of both public and private schools in Caraga Region are ivnieted to participate in this sports event.

For more information, please contact Mr. Hoger Zahn, Project Manager, GTX CTm PCPC at telephone no 632-814-0218 fax no 632-814-0716 and tel no.

DepEd advisory no. 143 S. 2010

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