2010 Outreach Cultural Enrichment Programs For Teachers

The Bulwagang Filipino Theatre Guild , Inc. in coordination with the Philippines Arts and Culture Educators Society (PACES) will conduct the following 2010 Outreach Cultural Enrichment Programs for Teachers:

a. Dance and movement for performance and assessment clinic workshop
b. Conference workshop on malikhaing guro sa makabayan.

The programs ain to disseminate and equip the educators of a more concrete and base information on culture and arts specifically in dance form from the experts resource persons with distinguished body of artistic works and credibility as artistic trainers.

The participants to said activities are Makabayan educators from both public and private schools.

For more information, contact Mr. Bennylito R. Reyes at 02-851-9536

2 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

i have attended this workshop recently, and im really satisfied with what the trainers have imparted to us..i must say that mr. benj(Bennylito R. Reyes) is really one of a kind..i as a teacher, appreciates his efforts and guts on sharing his wide knowledge..

thank you so much. and hope to share more from our training team who are willing and committed to share our little expertise