Have You Ever Asked Your Students not to Cheat?

The Great Teacher deliver her last school day lesson by asking her students not to cheat.

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Some lines is confusing to me in this article, on the whole it is great article for me and may be everyone also,

please help us here division of isabela region 02...matagal processing papers ng teachers for integration of salary adjustments, salary differentials, step increments, loyalty pays, etc..something is wrong at the accounting office....Mrs. Paz Adaya is the culprit,asking "lagay" from teachers para maiprocess papers nla, pabalik-balik p mga papel...

October 29, 2010

Dear Sir/ Madam:

We are pleased to invite your school to participate in a one-day seminar entitled Inclusion: Dissolving the Boundaries for Children with Special Needs. The seminar will be held on January 29, 2011 (Saturday) from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at the PLDT Hall, APEC Communications Building, University of Asia and the Pacific. Attached is a copy of the seminar program, together with the registration form.

The last two decades witnessed the emergence of inclusion as a philosophy in educating children who follow a typical development and those with special needs. This one-day seminar brings together the expertise of educators who have taken inclusion as one of their advocacies in helping and teaching regular children, children with special needs and their families. Aside from providing the participants with a working knowledge of the concept of inclusion, the seminar will reinforce the idea that inclusion is all about belonging and participating in a diverse society.

The seminar fee for each participant is PhP 2,500, inclusive of two snacks, lunch, the seminar kit, and a certificate of participation. If you confirm and pay your attendance on or before January 15, 2011, you are entitled to a discounted fee of Php 2,000. Interested undergraduate students automatically get a 50% discount and graduate students will only pay PhP 2,000. They will have to present their school IDs upon registration.

All participants are expected to confirm their participation to enable us to prepare the necessary logistics.
For reservations or more information, please call and ask for Ms. Josephine Teves (mjteves@uap.edu.ph) at 6342828 or Dr. Angel Antonio (aantonio@uap.edu.ph) .We look forward to your participation.

Your participation will not only enhance the perspectives of one another, but also extend one’s academic relationship.

Sincerely yours,