Master's Degree Program in Public Policy and Management for Teachers

DepEd Advisory No. 281. S.2010

Master's Degree Program in Public Policy and Management

The commission on Higher Education - CHED Scholarship Coordinating Committee annonces its offering of the Master Degree Progarm in Public Policy and Mangement" which will commence in January 2011. The program is jointly sponsored by the Colonmbo Plan Secretariat and KDI School.

The following are the requirements for the program.

a. Qualificaiton Requirements

1. Philippine Goverment

a. Must not be 45 years old
b. Must have rendered at least 2 eyars of service
c. Must hold a permanent appointment
d. Must have a college degree related to the field or has demonstrate ability and experience along the filed of study.
e. Must no have a pending application for scholarship under another program.
f. Must have rendered the service obligation required under EX no 367 for scholarship recently concluded before he she could again be nominated for another course where the field of study is different from the previous training.

2. Please inquire from the Colombo Plan Secretariat of KDI School.

B. Financial Assistance

The following documentary requirements should be submitted on or before Sept 15

1. A letter of nomination addressed to the CHED Chairman.
a. That the monminee has no pending administrative and criminal charges.
b. That the nominne has been conferred with a degree.
c. Assurance of utilizing the services of the nominee, if accepted for a period of not less than 2 years of scholarship or a fraction thereof not less than 6 months or a provided under EO 367 amending EO 129
d. That the salary of the grantee will be paid while on trainign and shall be extended other fiancial priviledges pursuant to the said EO.

2. Certified Copy of SErvice Record.
3. Certified Copy of Statement of Actual Duties and Responsabilities.
4. Photocopy of Transcript of Academic Records
5. Certification of nominee that has no pending administrative, criminal and scholarship nomination to other program.
6. Updated biodata, resume list of inservice training and serminars attended.

The candidates who meet the qualification requiremetns of the program should report for personal interview on SEPT 20, 2010 at the International Affairs Service CHED confiming beforehand the date and time of interview at telephone nos. 02-411-0150 or 02-385-4827

The candidate from the Visayas and Mindanao area shall submit the nomination letter and the documetns to the Scholarship Screening Committee at the address below:

CHED Regional Office VII
3/F LDM Bldg. MJ Cuenco
Co. Legaspi St. Cebu City

CHED MIndanao
CHED REgional Office XI
318 Clachuchi St. Luna Subd.
Matina, Davao City
Tel No. 082-296-1250

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